People have always tried to attract European travelers. This is because European travelers have long been considered a desirable market segment for tour and activity operators. European citizens have grown up with the ability to travel to different countries at a moment’s notice, often taking weekend vacations to nearby regions.

Today’s European travelers prefer immersive experiences in developing tourism markets. They like to escape the crowds and meet local people to learn more about their culture.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I attract European travelers to my tour and activity company?”

Well, here’s a checklist you can use start attracting European travelers:

  1. Refresh your website. European travelers expect a professional online experience, so make sure you can accept direct online bookings on desktop and mobile devices. Also, ensure you have a secure payment portal in place.
  2. Promote your products as unique and exclusive, as this appeals to European travelers. They want to feel like they’re enjoying an activity or adventure that others may not have the ability to enjoy.
  3. Create online marketing campaigns that focus on the most powerful European markets. These include travelers from France, the United Kingdom and Germany.
  4. Provide information about how your products can provide travelers with emotional or personal growth. Transformative travel is rising in popularity, as many Europeans look to travel as a way of self-care.
  5. Create personalized experiences that will stand out from what your competition is offering. You should offer customizable packages that allow travelers to turn your tour product into an experience that caters to their own preferences and desires.
  6. Increase your social media activity. European travelers love to follow and interact with travel brands online.
  7. Create visual content that will promote your tour products in an engaging and informative way. Storytelling is becoming one of the most effective ways of promoting your products online.
  8. Work with other travel suppliers in your area to create a destination marketing strategy for your region. Your best bet is to promote your destination as adventurous, because adventure tourism is trending among European travelers.
  9. Experiment with peer-to-peer platforms. Europeans are becoming increasingly comfortable with this type of travel booking and prefer to rely on them.
  10. Create packages that allow European travelers to book an experience that includes everything they will need. It’s an easy way to increase revenue through luxury upgrades.

Why Europe?

By focusing on this motivated market segment, you can increase both your bookings and revenue. European travelers are loyal, and they are likely to return to your tour company if they visit your destination again. They will also recommend your products to their friends and family. So yes, it’s in your best interest to attract European travelers.

Stop asking yourself, “How do I attraction European travelers?” Instead, get to work on an innovative marketing strategy using the checklist provided.


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