If you aren’t making online bookings a top priority, you’re making a big mistake that can cost you significantly. Online bookings and mobile bookings are on the rise, and they are quickly becoming the preferred method of booking for the majority of travelers. You need to be able to market your products online, and make them easy for your customers to reserve. Here’s 10 tools you must have in order to properly promote your tours and activities online.

Professional Integration with Your Booking System

Your website needs to look clean and professional, and the right online booking system will implement perfectly with your site. A crisp, accurate calendar and a large “Book Now” button are critical.

Mobile Booking Optimization

Mobile booking is a necessity for your tour and activity business. Trends and data show that this is the way that travelers are beginning to prefer to book their trips, specifically tours and activities. You want your mobile booking form to adapt to a mobile-friendly screen seamlessly.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great option for any tour and activity business, especially as more and more people enjoy giving experiences as gifts. This is a unique way to attract local customers who may not otherwise book a tour.

Automatic E-mails to Targeted Lists

Automatic e-mails are necessary in a variety of circumstances. Customers want confirmation of their bookings and also confirmation that their payment has been processed. In addition, it is a good idea to send an automatic e-mail as a reminder that the tour or activity date is approaching.

Products You Can Upsell

Upselling extras with your tours not only improves your customers’ experiences but also boosts your profits. By creating packages that include additional products, such as a bottle of wine, a coffee mug or a packaged lunch your revenue per customer will increase. You can easily implement these extras into your booking form.

Online Promotion Codes

People love promotion codes, because it makes them believe that they are saving a bit of money. Run a promotion code for your business, and easily integrate into your online booking system in order to make it easy for customers to redeem. They will save a bit of money, but you’ll enjoy a boost in overall bookings.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists ensure that you have people available to fill your tours in the event of a last-minute cancellation.

Sales Reports

These instant reports are filled with important data that can help you grow your business and make improvements where necessary.

Various Website Plugins

Plugins help you personalize your website, and can include a shopping cart or a shuttle widget. They enhance the customer experience and improve your customer satisfaction ratings.

Direct Bookings from Social Media Sites

Let your customers book your tours in the way you prefer. Implement your booking platform onto your Facebook page, and accept direct bookings from there.

How to get access to these tools?

Tour and activity providers will be pleased to know that you can get all of these features and more simply by partnering with Rezdy, the only online booking system designed specifically for tours and activities. This system is designed to do more than just automate the booking process, it has been created in order to help you grow your business and market it effectively to a global audience.

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