Travelers today not only want to use the Internet to book their accommodations, transportation, tours and activities, but they expect that companies will provide them with an opportunity to book online.

They want to book when they want and how they want, and they don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to make a phone call or even send an e-mail. Whether the traveler is using a mobile device or a desktop computer, they are going to want to automatically make their reservations online.

Therefore, your tour booking form is critical to your overall success as a business. These two tips can help you improve your online booking form and also help you improve your conversion rate.

Place Call-to-Action Buttons on the Page

There are different types of call-to-action buttons that you should incorporate into your website. For instance, you should have buttons that link to other pages for visitors who you feel are interested and looking for more information on your products. Those buttons might include “FAQs”, “Photos”, or “Customer Reviews”. For those who are just browsing your website, you will want to offer buttons such as “Learn More” or “Contact Us”. For those who are ready, willing and excited to book one of your tours, the button is simple. A clear, large and perfectly placed “Book Now” button will allow them to book the tour or activity that they prefer. With a well-designed button in the perfect spot on the page, you will enjoy an increase in visitor conversion rates.

Utilize a Simple, Easy Tour Booking Form

A booking form is useful because it provides you with the information you need about the customers who are visiting your website. In addition, it provides customers with an easy way to reach out to you and to complete the booking process. That being said, no one likes to spend a significant amount of time filling out lengthy and tedious online booking forms.

If you are going to incorporate a tour booking form onto your page, you will want to design it with the visitor in mind. Only use the fields that are absolutely necessary, and don’t make it a difficult form to navigate. By limiting your fields and minimizing the number of questions you ask your customers, you will make the booking process quicker and easier. This is what all travelers want, and you will be able to boost your bookings and improve your conversion rates at the same time.

Rezdy is an online booking system that is designed with tour and activity providers in mind. Not only does it allow tour and activity companies to personalize the software in order to fit their needs, but it is easy to implement with any existing website. Rezdy works with its clients to boost their online bookings and also improve their presence on the web. In order to increase your conversion rate and improve your customer satisfaction, download the Rezdy WordPress booking plugin that makes it easy to accept online bookings.

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