All tour operators strive to amplify the distribution of their tour and activity products. After all, having a great product is useless without distribution.

Here are the most common pitfalls in our sector, that you most definitely should avoid.

#1 Not working with other tour operators in your region

Neighbouring tour operators are not your enemies. In fact, there’s a great opportunity to work together.

At the end of the day, your destination is competing with other areas nearby. So instead of competing with other tour operators in your destination, work together to promote it!

The more attractive you can make your destination, the more tourists will flock to it, because there’s so much more to do there. So band together to promote your destination.

#2 Not partnering with as many agents as possible

Many operators shy away from adding on new agents for fear of overbooking, and having too much work to do in updating their availability.


  • More agents mean more chances to increase incremental revenue. Different agents have access to different markets. For example, VICs are great for last minute walk-in bookings, while OTAs like Viator have better access to the web-savvy traveler that plans in advance.
  • It’s dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket. If you rely on any one agent too much, they can easily increase their commission, and if they decide to stop reselling you, there goes a large chunk of your bookings.

Do not be daunted by the task of managing your channels because there are technological solutions like Rezdy for that.

#3 Not managing distribution channels effectively

Poor channel management is a concern for many tour operators, because you

  • Deal with unhappy customers (in the event of overbooking)
  • Lose revenue (in the event that you allocate more seats than are filled to a particular channel)
  • Waste time (on admin work and rectifying situations)

This is why investing in booking technology that lets all agents – whether they are concierges, or large OTAs and online marketplaces – access your up-to-date inventory is essential for your distribution strategy.

Inventory is updated automatically by your software, so that you’re never overbooked, and you’re always selling the most seats that you can at any point in time.

Invest in booking channel management

Software like Rezdy manages your bookings across channels, streamlining your operations and partnering with more channels so you can boost your revenue.

  • Agent Desk is 100% free, and allows anyone – even other tour operators – to resell your tours and activities. You can use it, too, to resell anyone in Rezdy’s massive database.
  • Rezdy’s tour operator software integrates with a growing list of OTAs and online marketplaces, so that their customers instantly access your availability and book themselves in.

To learn more, take a no-obligation free trial or get a live demo.

For more on online distribution, download our free ebook.

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