Today, tour and activity providers must have a presence on Facebook in order to increase their online distribution, promote their brand and connect with past, present and future customers.

But creating a successful Facebook page involves more than inputting information into your profile and choosing that perfect profile picture.

You need to be active within the community and engage with your customers.

When it comes to Facebook, these tour operators got it right.

Oz Whale Watching

Oz Whale Watching is a tour company that provides visitors to New South Wales, Australia with the chance to enjoy scenic cruises while catching a glimpse of a few whales along the way.

This company’s Facebook page has earned more than 3,900 likes, and for good reason. Oz Whale Watching regularly posts status updates with photos from cruises, many of which were taken that day.


This allows customers to see exactly what they will be able to enjoy while on one of their unique whale watching tours.


The company has enabled reviews on its Facebook page, and it averages 4.8 stars.


In addition, the page has an app that links to its TripAdvisor reviews as well as a “Book Now” app that allows visitors to instantly access the company’s real-time availability as well as book an upcoming tour.

Go Sea Kayak

Go Sea Kayak is an activity provider in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Its Facebook profile has an astounding 9,700 likes, and this company knows how to engage its customers.

One of the most appealing things about this Facebook page is the fact that interesting and compelling photographs are posted on a regular basis.


Some of the photos show customers enjoying their kayaking adventure, which keeps current customers and past customers interacting with the page.

Other photos show incredible shots of the wildlife in the area, such as dolphins swimming or whales breaching in front of a group of kayakers. They offer a small glimpse into what it would be like to experience their tours.


In addition, the company regularly interacts with their customers and responds to many of the posts on their page.


Dropbear Adventures

Dropbear Adventures offers eco adventure tours of Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.

The Facebook page itself is visually appealing, with a unique profile picture that identifies the brand and a high-resolution cover photo that draws the visitor into the page.


It’s no surprise that the company has generated 4,200 likes. Dropbear Adventures uses their Facebook page to post breathtaking photos from their adventures.


They also post unique promotions and contests that get their customers involved with their brand on a personal level.


Start leveraging Facebook

You can use your Facebook page to promote your latest deals, remind your customers that you offer online bookings, and share incredible photos and videos from your tours and activities.

Chances are, your customers are going to look up your Facebook profile before they make their reservation.

Make sure you offer them an interactive space where they can reach out for further information and connect with others who have enjoyed what you have to offer.

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