With the advent of the Internet, many of the traditional marketing techniques for tours and activities became obsolete. Postcard promotions were not as effective when you could send an e-mail blast to all of your interested clients. Flyers displayed in public places were nothing compared to events created and shared on social media. However, one promotional material that never lost its luster was the brochure. Brochures are still a popular way to promote tours and activities, and when written well, they are quite effective.

These tips will help you get started on your next brochure:

  • Create a brochure about a new, specific promotion that you are offering. People are less likely to need a brochure to research your products. If they want to read tour descriptions, they will head to your website. Rather, they will be picking up a brochure to see if they can get a great deal on the products that you offer. For instance, you might create a brochure that you leave at the local visitor information centre that offers a discount the first booking from a new customer. This will motivate first-time visitors to book with you.
  • Use the brochure to promote your website. Your promotional product can serve as a link to your online brand when you include a promotional code that can be used when a customer books online. Travelers prefer the convenience of online booking and they love when they can utilize a promo code to save some money. A brochure should motivate them not only to book with you, but to also head to your website to get more information and make their final reservation.
  • Track the results of your brochure promotion. Your online booking system should allow you to create different promo codes for various marketing campaigns. This allows you to track the results from each individual promotion, ultimately providing you with valuable data for your business. When you analyze the data and generate the reports, you’ll be able to see which promotional codes worked best and which brochures brought in the most bookings for your business. You can use this information in order to enhance the brochures that you make in the future and design the most effective promotions for your tour company.

Brochures are a marketing material that can be utilized throughout the calendar year in order to promote your business. Design one for the off-season, when you want to generate extra income and you might be offering additional discounts in order to boost your bookings. Plan on creating a different brochure for the busy season, where you may consider creating new packages that allow you to increase the profit you earn per customer. Through Rezdy, you can easily track your marketing campaigns with a variety of promo codes. This will help you identify which approaches work best for your particular business. Find out more about the best way to market your tour and activity company by downloading our online marketing ebook now.

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