3 Tips to Grow Your Small Business in the Tour and Activity Industry

3 Tips to Grow Your Small Business in the Tour and Activity Industry

You are a small, local tour company, and you are proud of it. You know that visitors prefer to book with you because you offer an authentic and personal experience, and you go the extra mile for your valued customers. That being said, it’s not easy being a small business — especially in the tour and activity industry. You’re competing against giant corporations and you don’t have nearly the same resources. Here are a few tips to help you grow your business without burning through all of your profits along the way.

Focus on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to you — and it’s free! This is one of the most affordable ways to reach a massive audience and spread the word about your business. Your social media strategy should be carefully calculated. Don’t try to start 15 different accounts on every social platform available. Instead, focus on two or three specific platforms and develop a strong presence. From there, you can move on to more sites and create new profiles.

The best social media sites for tour and activity operators to consider are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are the most widely-used social networking sites on the web, and their features lend themselves to travel and tourism marketing. Instagram is the perfect place to post unique photos of your tours. Twitter can be used to announce new promotions. Facebook is where you should launch a contest, post photos daily and broadcast video on Facebook Live.

Make TripAdvisor a Top Priority

Across the globe, tourists know that they can trust TripAdvisor to provide them with reliable information about tour and activity providers. As a small business, you need to focus on developing a favorable presence on TripAdvisor. When your tours are complete, encourage your customers to review their experience and post photos on TripAdvisor. Respond to negative feedback in a polite and professional manner. Strive to earn a Certificate of Excellence, and look forward to the day when your company is rated as one of the top things to do in your area.

Generate Buzz with a Voucher Site

Daily deal sites are a favorite amongst travelers who like to score great deals on tours and activities. By offering a deal on a voucher site, such as Groupon, you will see a significant increase in your bookings and word will travel fast about your business. Deals to consider include discounts on your tours or promotional packages that include additional products, such as camera gear, food and wine, or free souvenirs.

Your online presence will always be a work in progress, especially considering the fact that algorithm changes and new features are announced almost daily. You will want to partner with an online booking system, like Rezdy, that offers you the resources you need to grow your business. For more information on the best ways to market your small business to a global audience online, download our online marketing ebook today.

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