Advertising is essential to growing your business and reaching your target audience.

As a tour and activity provider, you need to not only attract people to your local destination but also entice them to book a reservation with your company.

In order to reach the maximum amount of people and increase your online bookings, you should utilize the following advertising tactics. 

Online Advertising

Increasing your online presence might make your customers more aware of your business, but it won’t necessarily directly increase your bookings.

You need to invest in online advertising in order to redirect customers to your website and ultimately entice them to book with your company.

The best way to do this is through retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads work by keeping track of who has visited your website, and serving them advertisements on other sites that they use — such as the popular social networking sites — in order to get them to come back to your site. These ads are able to work based on the cookies that are installed on browsers.

Retargeting allows you to place ads where it counts. You will only reach customers who are truly interested in your destination and your business, and you don’t waste money or resources on customers that are irrelevant.


Brochures are still an important part of a tour and activity marketing plan. These advertisements allow you to use visual elements as well as high-powered words in order to quickly and easily get your message across to your target customers. In order to use brochures effectively, you need to place them properly.

There are several ways to get your brochures into the hands of your potential customers:

  • Place them at the point of sale at your business. Your customers will be able to easily grab a brochure, see what you have available, and pass this information on to friends, family members and other travelers.
  • Provide travel agents with brochures that they can give to their customers. You should include the most relevant facts about your tours and activities, such as descriptions, price points and contact information.
  • Contact local hotels, restaurants and complementary tour and activity companies in order to leave brochures in their locations. This is where you have access to travelers who are currently on vacation.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing campaigns are essential when you create a new promotion. When you generate a promotion, make sure you time it for the appropriate season.

Sometimes, a promotion during the off-season will help you generate extra business. A promotion during your peak season will drive business, but you will want to price it accordingly in order to increase your profits.

When running an e-mail marketing campaign, include past customers as well as any new customers that have booked with you.

Increasing your distribution requires you to work with various local organizations as well as OTAs. It would help both of you if you offered them a system like Rezdy that allows the appropriate parties to easily book your tours and earn their commission.

In order to find out more about increasing your distribution and your revenues, read our distribution ebook today.

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