Like the world around us, the travel industry is interconnected.

Tour operators and activity providers should focus on networking and developing business partnerships with others who are in the industry.

Ultimately, tour operators will increase their online bookings when they form these business partnerships:

With Offline Agents

Offline agents were the original players in the travel game.

Concierges and retail travel agents used to be the only source of reliable information about a new destination, but the Internet has changed the industry forever.

Now, concierges and retail agents are used to help personalize and customize travel itineraries.

By developing relationships with concierges and other offline agents, you can ensure that your tours and activities will be recommended to their guests and clients.

They are considered a trusted source of local knowledge, and your bookings will increase when they promote your business.

With Online Agents

Developing a relationship with online agents, such as Viator or Groupon, is essential when you are a tour and activity operator in the 21st century.

Online travel agents will provide you with the online distribution you need in order to access niche markets, new travelers and customers you never would have been able to reach prior to the advent of the Internet.

For example, you could design a promotion with the daily deal giant Groupon, which would be targeted to a specific audience that would be interested in booking your tours or activities.

It may be an investment to work with these agents, but the payoff is worth it when you reach a plethora of potential customers. Online agents to consider working with include online travel agents, daily deal sites, experiential gifting sites and government tourism sites.

With Each Other

It may seem counter-intuitive to work with other tour and activity operators, but the fact of the matter is, travelers today want to book package deals.

It is easier and more convenient to book a package that includes accommodations, meals and activities for one set price.

By networking with other tour operators whose activities complement yours, you can create a desirable and affordable package for your potential customers. This helps to reduce your marketing and promotional costs, and also allows you to reach a broader audience.

Someone who is interested in booking an excursion with another activity provider now knows that your company exists, and that it offers complementary services that will make their holiday more enjoyable and memorable.

Automate the process by investing in booking software

Travelers today want to be able to instantly book their vacations, tours and activities, as this is both convenient and efficient.

Sign up with Rezdy today, and let your business partners know how this booking software will directly benefit them.

Through Rezdy, you can invite your travel partners and business connections to resell your tours, excursions and activities for commission on this unique online booking platform for tours attractions and activities.

For more information on online distribution and increasing your bookings, check out our distribution ebook.

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