4 Apps for Tour Operators Who are Allergic to Office Spaces

4 Apps for Tour Operators Who are Allergic to Office Spaces

Let’s face it, you didn’t get into the tour and activity industry in order to sit in an office all day, take bookings by phone, and manage your schedule in a desk chair.

You wanted to showcase your corner of the world, and allow people to experience something new and exciting. You would much rather be enjoying your business as you give a tour or guide an activity than sitting inside your storefront sifting through piles of paperwork. These apps will allow you to take your office on the go, and become a more efficient business in the process.


1. Trello

To put it simply, Trello is the new post-it. There’s a reason those sticky little pieces of paper were so successful — they were perfect for dropping your team members a note and leaving a reminder. Trello improves your team communication by allowing you to leave virtual post-it notes on a synchronized platform. You can drag and drop the cards, adjust lists accordingly, and keep everyone on the same page.


2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool that makes it easier for you to schedule posts and increase engagement with your overall brand. You can execute your social media strategy from your preferred mobile device, making it easier than ever to maintain your online presence without neglecting your scheduled tours and activities.

social media for tours and activities


3. Slack

Slack is a team communication tool that is designed for organized professionals who want to stay in communication throughout the day. It’s a real-time messaging app that allows people to be productive and stay informed simultaneously. With Slack, you can create different conversations for different projects, channels and teams. You can send private, direct messages as well as private group messages. As a tour and activity provider, you could have a Slack message for one team that is guiding one specific tour, and another team that creates your marketing plan.





4. Rezdy

Rezdy is an online reservation software that automates the booking process. With Rezdy, your real-time bookings are available for all of the distributors in your channel manager. You don’t have to focus on taking calls, scheduling tours and booking the appropriate resources. Instead, Rezdy does all of the booking work for you. In addition, Rezdy is a mobile-friendly booking software so you can manage your bookings while you are on a lunch break from your tour, rather than spending extra time at the end of the day getting caught up in the office.


Did we miss any?

Whether you keep your smart phone in your pocket at all times, or you prefer to go mobile on your tablet, you probably have a wide variety of apps that you use in order to streamline your tour and activity company. We think these apps are useful for all tour providers, but we want to know which ones you use.

Comment below, and share the apps that have been best for your business.

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