Rezdy’s activity booking software allows you to customise and send up to three automated follow-up emails after each guest has experienced your tour, activity or attraction. This is one of the most underutilised Rezdy features and we hear you ask, ‘why bother with this step?’ As we cover below, these follow-up emails can have some brilliant benefits for your business.

1. Finalising the guest experience

Just as sending a thank you note to your nana is polite, sending one to your recent guests is one of the best ways to leave them with a great impression. This can lead to great reviews and future bookings, and make it clear you care about your customers’ experiences. Best of all, within Rezdy’s online tour booking system this step can be completely automated. Why not take the opportunity to ask for some feedback to really optimise your guest experiences? Learn more about how to ask for reviews.

Note: When you log into Rezdy you’ll find a number of email templates that are ready to go, but we’ve included some sample text below to sum up each type of automated email.

Sample text:
Hi [Name],
Thanks again for coming on [experience details here]. We hope you had an amazing time!
If you have a few moments to spare, we’d love your thoughts on what we got right, and how we could do better.
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2. Encouraging reviews for your business

Word of mouth marketing is one of the strongest types around, and 82% of consumers say the content of a review has convinced them to make a purchase before. It takes such a tiny effort to set up an automated review request email for recent guests, and your bookings can really benefit as a result. You could even choose to create a social media hashtag or offer free photos via Fotaflo, and invite guests to share their adventure snaps for ultra-compelling social marketing.

Sample text:
Hi [Name],
Did you love your experience with [business name]? Why not tell the world? A review on [review site] can help to support our small business and help adventurers just like you to find our experiences.
Leave a review

3. Promoting merchandise or photos

If you sell appealing branded merch or would like to upsell photos and videos of each tour or activity, it couldn’t be easier to promote these with a friendly follow-up email within your tour management software. Upselling activity photos and videos can be really simple via integration with PicThrive.

Sample text:
Hi [Name],
We hope you had an incredible time on our [experience details here] recently. Want to wear your love of [brand name] on your sleeve? How about one of our super-comfy premium hoodies, made ethically from 100% cotton?
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4. Enticing customers back with a coupon code

We have no doubt your guests will be raving about their experience with your business, so why not encourage them and their loved ones to return? It’s simple to set up a follow-up email with a discount code so you can sell more tours online.

Sample text:
Hi [Name],
We’d love to thank you for coming on [experience details here] recently. Do you have a friend or family member who loved hearing about it? Why not treat them with this coupon for [promotion details]?

So automated emails can help you optimise your guest experiences, build your reviews up, bring in extra cash to the business and encourage extra bookings. What’s not to love? If you’re raring to configure your follow-up emails, check out this handy support article here.

Want more tips on boosting reservations? Our Master Class is another great resource for growing your bookings and business.