4 Tips to Adapt to the Mobile Uprising in the Tourism Industry

4 Tips to Adapt to the Mobile Uprising in the Tourism Industry

The key to the future lies inside mobile technology. Smart phone and tablet devices have taken the world by storm in the last decade, and they are becoming a more integral part of everyday life. Previously, smart phones were great for searches, Internet browsing and playing games. Today, people are using them to complete nearly all of their tasks — including booking tours and activities for their upcoming vacations. Amongst business and leisure travelers, there was a 50 percent increase in mobile use. Beyond that, 30 percent of travelers used their mobile device to book accommodations, flights, tours and activities at the last minute.

Here’s 4 tips you need in order to adapt to this rising trend:

Evaluate Your Current Web Design

Your website might look pretty, boasting high-resolution photographs of people enjoying the tours that you offer. But how well does it work, specifically for mobile users? Google offers several tools that can help you evaluate your website and identify the flaws in the design. Beyond that, it provides you with the tips and advice you need to correct those issues and improve your design.

Update Your Site with a Responsive Design

A responsive design is probably the most important aspect of your overall website design. Responsive designs will automatically adapt and adjust to the screen that the user is on. That means that someone browsing on their laptop will get a design that favors their device, while another person on a mobile device at the same time will get a clean, simple version of your website that is easy to browse on their smart phone screen. Responsive designs are critical to your SERP rankings as well, as Google favors those with responsive designs in its algorithm.

Focus on Simplicity

Simple pages are best on a mobile device. Too many gadgets and features on your website will slow it down, and mobile users do not have patience for that. They will simply abandon your page if it won’t load in a matter of seconds. A clean design that provides the information they need and an easy way to book your tours is what you need.

Always Have a Call-to-Action

You don’t have long to capture the attention of your target audience, so make it as easy as possible for them to book your tours and activities on their mobile devices. Place a large “Book Now” button in a prominent space on the page. Don’t make them dig for it, because they simply won’t take the time to seek it out.

Updating your site in order to make it mobile-friendly requires you to invest both your time and your resources, but it will be well worth the effort. The increase in traffic and the boost in conversions will allow you to grow your business and continue to offer incredible tours, activities and excursions.

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