Many tour and activity operators feel that the best part of their jobs is that every day is different from the one before. Some days are spent working on future tours and products that will be released, while others are spent interacting with travelers who want to explore the local region. While the varying schedule can be both fun and exciting, it also comes with its challenges.

Here are four ways you can successfully manage your tour and activity business:

Invest in a premier tour booking software

The key to successfully managing your tour and activity company in the digital age is to invest in a tour booking system. An innovative and intuitive tour booking software will help you automate your business. It will manage many of your most important tasks for you, including:

  • Daily Manifests
  • E-mail Confirmations and Text Message Updates
  • Resource Management
  • Payment Processing

Rather than investing in several different tools to help you manage the tasks at your tour company, opt for an all-in-one business solution.

Hire a team that is dependable and reliable

The bottom line is that you can’t do it all on your own. To take your tour and activity company to the next level, you will need to hire a team of staff members who can help you get the job done. However, once you have hired your team and identified their responsibilities, you need to be able to delegate. The best managers know which tasks to dole out and which ones to take on themselves.

Make your distribution network a priority

As a tour operator, you need to be able to worry less about the day-to-day tasks and focus more on the larger picture. To ensure long-term growth for your tour and activity company, you need to make your distribution network a priority. A premier tour booking system should include a channel manager, which will allow you to create an extensive distribution network filled with a diverse range of agents who can resell your products. Make sure that your channel manager will automatically update with your live rates and availability, as these are critical to your overall success.

Create a communication strategy that allows you to connect with travelers

An important component of managing your business is staying in touch with your target market segments. You need to create and implement a communication strategy that allows you to engage with the travelers who are most interested in booking with you. Your communications strategy should include a variety of elements, such as automatic messaging, social media engagement and online review solicitation.

With the right activity booking software in place, you can automate many of the tasks at your tour and activity company. This will allow you to focus on the big picture and tend to the travelers who are at your destination.

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