5 Elements that Need to be Perfect to Generate Website Bookings

5 Elements that Need to be Perfect to Generate Website Bookings

Direct bookings are ideal for tour and activity providers, because it allows you to maximize your profits and earn a new customer without paying a commission. Travelers are looking for tour companies that offer easy online booking, but it’s important that you do more than just implement on online booking system. You need to improve your website and enhance your presence online before you will be able to generate a significant amount of direct website bookings.

5 Elements You Need to Enhance on Your Website

Photos — Photos are one of the most powerful forms of media, as these offer travelers visual proof of the experience that they will enjoy when they book one of your tours. Add new photos frequently, and make sure that they are colorful, vivid, high-resolution images. Select the photos you display carefully. You don’t want to post pictures of tours taking place during bad weather, or featuring customers who look like they are just having an okay time. Use the best of the best on your website in order to promote your products in the most positive light.
Testimonials — Testimonials validate the experience that you provide. People enjoy hearing feedback about your tours and activities before they book, and if you have a significant amount of positive testimonials displayed on your website they will be more likely to book directly with you. Not only should you have a testimonials page, but you also should display testimonials in other areas of your site. Testimonials near the booking form can be the encouragement that someone needs to click that “Book Now” button.
The About Page — Your “About” page should be interactive and engaging. Don’t write a corporate-sounding paragraph about your business. Instead, offer insight into your own personality, dreams, adventures and passions. Include photographs of yourself and of your family, and explain what makes your tour company unique.
Clean Design — Keep the focus on your tours and activities at all times. While it’s good to link to your social media profiles, try to make sure that there are not too many distractions on your webpage. An onslaught of advertisements and links to other areas can direct your customers in another direction, and they might not return to finalize their booking.
Real-time Booking Form — A simple booking form with just a few fields is the best way to get your customers to book instantly on your website. A large, simple “Book Now” button is all people need to get the process started.

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