5 Hassle-free Tips to Reduce No-Shows For Your Tours and Activities

5 Hassle-free Tips to Reduce No-Shows For Your Tours and Activities

For a tour and activity operator, there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking there’s a full tour about to embark on a day of activities, only to find out that several people decided not to show up. No-shows can have a significant impact on your business, but you don’t have to feel helpless. With the right technology in place, you can reduce the number of no-shows that you have each year.

What are No-Shows?

When people book your tours in advance, yet don’t show up for their scheduled time, they are considered to be a no-show. Generally, a no-show simply never arrives for their tour. They rarely offer explanation for their absence, and you most likely won’t hear from them again.

You can recapture lost revenue by using these tips to reduce your no-shows:

1. Enforce a Cancellation Policy.

You need to create a cancellation policy that can easily be enforced when someone decides to skip out on their scheduled tour or activity. Your cancellation policy should be clear, and should be provided to the customer before they complete their booking. The most effective cancellation policies involve a fee, as money is a motivating factor for the majority of travelers.


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2. Send Automatic E-mails Through a Robust Booking System.

When you have the right booking technology in place, you will be able to schedule automated e-mails that allow you to easily stay in contact with those who have booked your tours. You should send confirmation e-mails, pre-arrival e-mails and reminder e-mails, as this will prevent people from forgetting that they booked with you in the first place.

3. Ask for a Deposit Upon Booking.

It’s not unreasonable to require a non-refundable deposit upon booking. A deposit that equals about 25 percent of the total cost of the tour is a fair price. By asking for a deposit, you are asking your customers to make the same commitment to you that you make to them.


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4. Continually Improve Your Tour and Activity Products.

It’s important to solicit online feedback, as this will help you develop a rapport not only with your previous customers but also with future tourists. Monitor the feedback that you receive, and make adjustments accordingly in order to improve your products. As you improve the customer experience at your tour and activity company, you’ll naturally attract more committed customers.

5. Keep Them Engaged Before and After the Tour Via Social Media.

Social media allows you to play an active role in the lives of your customers, whether they took a tour a year ago or they have one scheduled for next week. You should develop a social media strategy that allows you to stay engaged with your customers and develop better brand recognition around the world.

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