The photos on your tour and activity website are more than just visual proof of the experiences that you provide your travelers. They are actually pivotal components that have a direct impact on the number of direct bookings that you receive through your website. When selecting images on your website, you will want to be thoughtful and strategic about which photos you add and where you place them. These 5 image ideas for your travel website will set you up to win!

1. Choose active images that feature people

For the tour and activity sector, images that feature people are particularly important. You need to showcase your products through your images, and you need to prove that real people enjoy these activities and excursions. The images should showcase action, such as paddle boarders slicing through the water on a beautiful day or whale watchers catching an awe-inspiring glimpse of a whale breaching. Be sure to keep in mind your target market segment, and make sure the people in your photos reflect the demographics you are targeting.

2. Opt for landscape-style images

Horizontal images that span the width of the user’s device provide for an immersive experience. Your responsive website design likely relies heavily on these types of images, so be sure to keep formatting in mind when selecting the photos to display on your website.

3. Identify images that lend themselves to micro-animations

Micro-animations are an up-and-coming trend that will quickly take hold of the tour and activity industry. These small, yet powerful, animations have proven themselves to be quite engaging for website visitors. The goal of a micro-animation is to use images, video and motion to provide the site visitors with an immersive, informative experience. Simplistic images with bright colors are the ideal option for micro-animation.

4. Feature photos taken by your tourists

User-generated content is highly valuable in the tour and activity sector. Not only is it an economical way for you to get great promotional images and videos for your website, but it’s also an opportunity for you to provide your website visitors with further social proof of your products. Tourists who have their photos featured will be honored by the opportunity to display their work, and you will find that your bookings increase as a result of improved trust in your brand.

5. Refresh your website images frequently

Website visitors who return to your page should not feel like they are navigating through the same old content time and time again. By refreshing the images on your website every few weeks, you continue to provide your visitors with a unique experience and you also will improve your rankings on the search engine results page.

Vivid, high-resolution images are the key to your tour and activity website’s success. Not only do these provide your prospective travelers with an idea of what they can expect while enjoying one of your tours and activities, but they also keep them engaged with your website. Site visitors often will spend more time browsing the website in order to discover additional photos, so be sure to include these powerful images on your home page as well as your landing pages.

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Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo