5 Luxury Experience Trends for Tour Operators to Stay Relevant

5 Luxury Experience Trends for Tour Operators to Stay Relevant

Travel is becoming less of a luxury and more of a staple in peoples’ lives. An increasing number of people are choosing to spend their income on experiences rather than expensive items, which has boosted the popularity of tours and activities around the globe. And those that are jet-setting to far-away destinations are sparing no expense along the way. Luxury travel has transformed into the industry standard rather than the exception.

What are Luxury Travel Experiences?

Luxury travel experiences are exclusive and elite opportunities that go beyond the standard experience that is expected on a tour or activity. For example, a regular city tour might take place on a tour bus with a guide and headphones. A luxury city tour may take place in a private car or limousine with a personal guide and a bottle of champagne. Luxury travel experiences generally add an extra touch of glamour and sophistication to any adventure.

5 Emerging Trends to Harness for Luxury Travel Experiences

1. Integrate virtual reality into your brand experience. Virtual reality, or VR, seems like it would be more relevant to the gaming industry than the travel industry. But actually, luxury customers love to enjoy VR experiences before they book a tour. They want to make sure they select the right opportunity on their trip, and VR allows them to try it out first. VR videos and marketing materials should be used to promote your luxury tours and activities.

2. Shape the user experience through customization. By collecting valuable data about your customers prior to their arrival, you will be able to offer personalized luxury experiences that can’t be found anyplace else. Include their favorite bottle of wine on the tour, or create a kayaking adventure that allows the traveler to see their favorite type of flora and fauna along the way. It’s this extra touch that takes a tour from typical to extraordinary.

3. Connect with online influencers. Your potential customers represent more than just a single booking. They actually can implement your marketing strategy for you. Use your social platforms to connect with younger travelers, particularly those in the Millennial generation. By engaging them and offering them insight into your brand, they will in turn recommend your experiences to their friends and family who are doing their own travel research.

4. Strike a balance between exclusivity and accessibility. By its very nature, luxury options should be considered somewhat elite. That’s what makes them special and what motivates travelers to spend more to get the luxury experience. However, you want to make your luxury options are casual and comfortable so that everyone feels like luxury is within their reach.

5. Focus on experiential marketing. Luxury travelers are motivated by the unique experience that they will enjoy. Throughout your marketing campaign, use images, video and content that focuses on the authenticity of the experience.

Staying on top of industry trends allows you to adapt your tour and activity products and attract bookings from new market segments. To learn more about the latest trends taking place in the tour and activity industry, follow the Rezdy blog today.

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