Blogs began a couple decades ago as a frivolous activity for those who wanted to create their own name and identity online, but they quickly burgeoned into a powerful marketing tool used by nearly every industry across the spectrum. Tour and activity operators are no exception — your brand simply needs a blog. Here’s 5 reasons why you need a blog in tourism:

1. Search engine algorithms love blog posts.

The top search engine algorithms are constantly changing, leaving SEO experts scrambling to take advantage of the latest tweaks to the algorithm to maintain their rankings on the SERP. One thing that has remained constant in the last several months, however, is the fact that search engines favor blog posts over website landing pages. Test this theory out by plugging a quick question into Google. How many pages on the SERP are blog posts? By creating powerful blog posts that are based on trending topics, you will be able to increase your visibility online and become discoverable to a new slew of prospective travelers.

2. Blog posts increase your online visibility exponentially.

Without a blog, your visibility online is limited to your website landing pages (which may or may not even make it on the SERP) and your social posts (which are only seen by your followers and the followers of those who share your content). However, when you create a blog, you can then start publishing content multiple times per week. This content will make its way across the web, which will quickly increase the breadth and depth of your online visibility.

3. Your blog allows you to take advantage of user-generated content.

User-generated content, or UGC, is the most desired content among travelers who are searching for information about tours and activities online. This content is created by an objective third party, and it’s therefore seen as more trustworthy. When you have a tour and activity blog in place, you can ask your past travelers and social followers to create content for you. It’s an easy way to take advantage of this powerful trend.

4. Blogging gives you a platform for your best multimedia content.

When you launch your tour and activity blog, you need to think beyond the written word. Online users are looking for interactive and engaging content, so your blog posts should include high-resolution photographs, videos, interactive graphics, and even live streams from your tours and activities.

5. Through  blogging, you can tell stories about your brand.

It might come as a surprise, but long-form blog posts are actually trending across the web. As travelers rely more heavily on their mobile devices for content, they are beginning to crave more thoughtful and interesting posts. Use your blog as a platform for telling behind-the-scenes stories about your tours, your guides and even your community at large.

If you have always considered a blog as an optional extra for your tour and activity brand, it’s time to think again. Blogging is a critical component of any online marketing strategy, and it’s imperative that you create thoughtful, engaging content to share with your followers.

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Image credit: Brooke Cagle

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