5 Tips to Attract Millennial Travelers to Your Tour or Activity Business

5 Tips to Attract Millennial Travelers to Your Tour or Activity Business

Millennials are often considered to be the generation that’s changing everything, and the travel industry has not been spared. Tour and activity providers around the globe have had to adapt to the needs, likes and desires of Millennials travelers in order to get them to book their products. It’s important to promote yourself to the Millennials, because this powerful market segment places a high priority on experiential travel. They love to explore new destinations, immerse themselves in the local culture and spend their discretionary income on luxurious trips.

So here’s a few ways to get more Millennial bookings at your tour and activity company:

Prioritize the user experience on your website.

Millennials grew up on the web, so they are very comfortable navigating online to find the best deals for their upcoming travels. They are only going to book with tour and activity companies that offer them convenient online booking (complete with short forms) as well as powerful visual proof of the experience they will enjoy. Frequently update your site with valuable content, make sure your site speeds are quick and make the “Book Now” button visible on every landing page.

Get social.

Millennials also communicate differently than most other generations. They rely more heavily on social networking sites to conduct their day-to-day business, and they love to form personal relationships with their favorite brands. You need to develop a presence on the social networking sites that Millennials use every day, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Don’t just use these platforms to promote your products, rather focus on engaging your audience in a way that is personal and comfortable.

Understand the Millennial market segment.

Millennials are often looking for something more out of their travel experiences than just a great photo opportunity. They genuinely want to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy new experiences while they are away. By understanding what Millennial travelers are looking for out of the tours and activities that they book, you can improve your own products and naturally boost your bookings amongst this market segment.

Develop trust amongst Millennial travelers.

Like any market segment, Millennials are going to need to trust you before they book one of your tours and activities. Improve your online reputation by showcasing your customer service skills on your online review pages. Use a friendly and approachable tone, not only in your marketing strategy but also whenever you pick up the phone or greet one of your new visitors. By establishing trust, you’ll not only get more direct bookings from Millennials but they also will be more apt to refer your company to their family members, friends and social followers.

Implement a marketing strategy geared specifically toward this group.

If you want Millennials to book your tours, you need to promote your products in high-traffic places. Millennials spend a lot of time online, so targeted online marketing campaigns as well as PPC campaigns work well for this market segment.

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