While you probably have a marketing plan to advertise your business as a whole, you shouldn’t to forget the importance of marketing individual packages offered by your organization. One of the sure-fire ways to increase your bookings each month is to raise awareness about individual tours and activities that you offer as a company. But how does one market travel and tours, exactly?

The following tips will help you build awareness about individual tours and activities that you offer, which will ultimately lead to an increase in bookings each month:

1. Create and market tour packages that are different and unique.

Learning how to market tour packages, and making sure that they have a unique selling point is extremely crucial. Travelers to your area can book a tour that visits the top attractions in your city with just about any competitor you have. To stand out and learn how to increase sales in the travel industry, you need to market yourself as the business that offers the most unique and informed tours in the area.

So try to put a twist on it. For example, consider designing a few themed tours that will attract a niche group of people. One of our clients, Cat O’ Nine Tails, has done this outstandingly well with their boat tours of St. Helena Island Prison in Queensland. Their tour guides are professional actors who mix education with entertainment, bringing the colonial period to life.

Highlight what makes you stand out among the crowd in your area. Prove to your clients than you will do more than just give them the standard tour or activity that they can get anywhere else.

2. Use your brand marketing materials with each tour and activity you are promoting.

You want people to recognize your business brand and identity. Do you even have a clearly defined brand for your package?

Whether it’s in a designed print publication advertisement or you’re creating an online marketing campaign, you must include your company name, logo and slogan with all tour and activity materials.

Try to give each tour and activity you are offering a unique (and catchy) name. By promoting your brand as a whole while focusing on an individual tour, you might find some customers check out your other packages and make a different selection.

3. Set expectations and deliver on them.

Let tourists know what to expect from the experience – and be sure to deliver on what you promise them! This will encourage word of mouth recommendations, which are the most effective way to build awareness.

For each tour and activity you promote, write a short but catchy description of what the average traveler will experience. In addition, include photographs and perhaps add a video clip to your website.

This allows potential customers to get a quick glimpse of what they will experience themselves while on vacation, but it’s essential that you make good on your promises.

Essentially, you have to make promises to your customers in order to earn their trust, but only make guarantees that you can keep.

If you guarantee guests a dolphin sighting on your dolphin watching tour, you better be able to come through in the end. If you don’t, your guests will inevitably feel let down and it will reflect poorly on your business.

4. Use social media as a promotion tool.

Promote individual tours and activities on your social media accounts.

You need to fill your social media pages with frequent yet relevant updates each day. Instead of tweeting the same promotions once a day, or posting general statuses on your Facebook account, take the time to promote the different experiences and tour packages that you offer.

One day, you might post a Facebook status that asks guests “Did you know we offer a Haunted Mansions tour of the city? If you want to see where all the ghosts and goblins live around here, check out our tour at 7 p.m. on weeknights.”

This will offer insight into your company while also promoting your services.

5. Design specials and discounts for certain tours at different times.

Coupon deals will entice people to take advantage of what you have to offer at a great price.

If you have a hard time filling up your sailboat excursions during the month of May, offer this tour at a discount and promote it individually.

This will help you increase your bookings at a relatively slow time for your business, while also attracting new customers who may opt to take other tours with your company while on vacation.

Your tour and activity business is probably as eclectic as the clients you serve. When you raise awareness about individual tour packages that you offer, people will have a better idea of all the experiences they can enjoy while on their holiday.

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Today’s great topic idea came from Sharmila Das of Loksha Tours.

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