So, you run a tour and activity company that is located nearby a major ski resort in Colorado. You offer guided hiking tours into the mountains and valleys, giving winter-loving travelers a glimpse into the beauty of the region. Most of your tours are booked on a daily basis throughout the winter months, but the summer months can pass by with minimal business to speak of.

Sometimes, tour packages can be the perfect answer to your off-season blues. Here’s 5 ways you can market tourism packages during the off-peak season at your tour and activity company:

Establish Pricing in Advance for Off-Peak Packages

You need to consider your pricing for off-peak packages carefully, and decide on a set price at least 12 months in advance of the promotion. You will want to lower your rates a bit in order to encourage bookings during the slow travel season, but you can’t set them so low that it delves into your profit margins. Once you decide on your package rates, stick with them and promote them as much as possible.

Create a Clear, Concise Agreement for All Packages

Sometimes, a tour and activity package during the off-season will involve an agreement with another travel business, such as a complementary tour company or a local hotel. Be sure to work with your legal advisor to draft a contract for the package that is beneficial to all businesses involved. Word the contract in a way that the traveler understands what they are agreeing to when they purchase their package.


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Use Your Distribution Network to Promote Off-Season Packages

The agents within your distribution network are your greatest asset when it comes to promoting packages that are available in your slow season. Inform all of your agents that you will be offering a new and unique package to help drive business during that particular time of the year, and provide them with additional marketing resources that offer more insight into your region as a whole during the off-peak season.

Remember the Commission Levels for All Agents

Even when you create a package, you will be required to pay a commission to all agents who resell the package for you. Be sure to consider commission levels when you are developing pricing for your packages.

Time Your Marketing for Off-Peak Packages Accordingly

Do not wait until the last minute to announce your off-peak packages. In many cases, travelers will want time to consider the package and make other arrangements for their travel during that time. Consider promoting your off-season rates and packages to all travelers who book during the peak season as a way of enticing them to come back for a new experience. Also start an online marketing campaign at least 6 months in advance of the promotional dates.

The key to consistently growing your revenue and increasing your bookings throughout every season of the year is developing an effective online marketing strategy. In order to communicate your market strategy effectively, harness the ‘Language of travel’ by downloading Rezdy’s Travel Tourism Glossary ebook today.

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