Sustainable tourism; it’s undeniably the way of the future. As we approach World Environment Day on 5 June and World Oceans Day on 8 June, we wanted to explore the small yet meaningful changes that can make a world of difference. Whether your tourism business operates in a forest, wetland or urban environment, here are five of the easiest ways to make a greener change and promote responsible tourism.


Think about energy consumption at business HQ

It might take a few lightbulb changes or the addition of a sensor or two, but some minor changes in your business’s office could see big differences in your energy consumption and your business’s carbon footprint. Lower electricity costs certainly don’t hurt either! We’re talking using LED or fluoro lights to cut 25%-80% off lighting usage; reviewing your recycling program; and adding motion sensors in areas such as the kitchen or storage, where you might not be for most of the day (we promise the biscuits aren’t scared of the dark).


Go paperless with booking manifests and waivers

Your booking manifest might have traditionally been written out on any old scrap of paper or on printed spreadsheets, but digitising your guest manifest with online tour reservation software like Rezdy can improve your business operations as well as your eco credentials. Guests will have a smooth online booking experience, and you can access your up-to-date guest manifest as and where you need it on your device. You could even integrate Rezdy’s tour management software with the online waiver solution Wherewolf, to digitise your entire customer management experience.

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Swap out single use plastics

It’s such a simple thing, and yet swapping out single use cups or cutlery sets for bamboo or biodegradable alternatives can make a huge difference if you regularly provide meals or snacks to guests. Even better, consider having reusable cutlery and crockery to wash thoroughly in between tours. It’s a good feeling, and guests are sure to notice the effort towards sustainability.   


Focus on low food miles for catering 

If you’re providing meals or snacks to your guests, it’s also worth considering the food miles that go into your catering options. In fact, focusing locally can be of great benefit for business. Why not collaborate with local food producers, or take the chance to showcase local ingredients that are native in the region? This can amplify your guest experience, support local businesses and help you reduce the carbon footprint in every bite.  


Take the chance to educate guests

There’s a good chance you’re already promoting the amazing environment around you if you’re in the tour and activity industry, but even if your business is in the ‘burbs there are still measures that can help guests to understand, appreciate and respect your natural surroundings. This might include explaining the natural and cultural significance of your location on your activity booking system; encouraging visitors to be water wise in the bathroom through signage; and including information on native species during your activities. 


These ideas might not all be practicable for your business, but they do provide a few examples of how incremental changes can add up to a far more sustainable and thriving business. 

Here’s to World Environment Day!

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