Rezdy user roles allow you to set different levels of access for users that you invite to your business account.

In the tours and activities sector, this functionality is very important! How many tour guides and instructors have been travellers? You want to make sure they get the appropriate level of access.

6 Different Rezdy User Roles

If you own a franchise, you’ll be able to grant users access to the specific branch the work for. If you’d like them to get access to a few of your branch’s data, then you’ll have to invite them from that specific branch.

With Rezdy, you can give each user the flexibility they need to do their jobs well, while maintaining adequate control over what they can and can’t do.

The Rezdy user roles:

1. Business Owner

The Owner of the business gets the top level of access of all the user roles, with full access to all areas of Rezdy, including the company settings.

If you’re going to set up and maintain the account, you need this level of access. You’ll be able to change your Rezdy URL, integrate payment gateways, and invite and grant access to other users.

2. Booking Manager

The Booking Manager gets access to your orders, inventory, and calendar. They can create and update calendar sessions. They won’t have access to any of the more technical back-end settings.

Give this user role to those responsible for looking after your key booking management tasks.

3. Booking Assistant

Your Booking Assistant will be able to create new orders and contacts, but they won’t have access to updating your inventory or calendar sessions.

If you have someone who is just helping out to accept bookings (for example, your summer intern), then this is the perfect level of access they need.

4. Staff

Your Staff can view the calendar, manifest, and order list. They won’t be able to edit or change anything.

Assign this role to all your tour guides, instructors, and vehicle drivers – anyone who would benefit from access to the manifest and calendar to help them get organised for the day.

5. Webmaster

Your Webmasters can access website integration settings and plugins. They won’t have access to your sensitive business data.

Many tour and activity operators have a techie helping them with their website plugins – this is the perfect user role for them!

Click here to learn how to invite your webmaster.

6. Accountant

The Accountant can see your reports and orders list.

Give this to anyone who is in charge of financials and needs access to your data for reporting purposes. It’s great for someone who’s just interested in crunching the numbers.

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