It’s always been critical to know what the customer thinks, but it’s never been more crucial to generate customer feedback for your business. Customer feedback is important because many travelers in the digital age are making their decisions online well before they ever set foot in your destination. While they may browse your website and look at your photos on Facebook, they are really going to trust the reviews that they read about your brand.

Here are six reasons why customer feedback is important:

1. Customer feedback provides basic information about your business.

In a sense, customer reviews are an extension of your website. Travelers who leave reviews will provide information about what your business offers, what the tour was like and what travelers can expect from their own experience. Customer feedback can include video testimonials, reviews on social media and e-mails that you receive directly after the tour experience.

2. Travelers will browse reviews to find other travelers who are similar.

A young, independent traveler is going to want to know more about the experience of a traveler who is similar to him or her. Those who are looking to visit your destination will browse your reviews until they find feedback from someone who is like them. This is why it’s essential that you solicit reviews from all of your travelers so that you have a diverse range of feedback available online.


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3. It’s easy to find feedback, and travelers will use a variety of resources to get the objective information they need.

Travelers will go out of their way to read reviews. They can be embedded on your website, incorporated into your social pages and on popular review sites, such as TripAdvisor.

4. Feedback is needed to ensure future growth at your business.

Every year, more and more travelers report that they use online reviews before making a final decision about a travel booking. If you do not have feedback available, you are not going to be seen as trustworthy. Your bookings will surely suffer as a result.

5. Customer reviews help you get to know your target audience better.

When you receive reviews online, make sure to take note of who left them. Learn about the customers who are pleased with your business and begin to understand the customers who are not as satisfied. Through your reviews, you can begin to learn how to better target your marketing campaigns.


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6. Customer feedback can improve your engagement levels on social media.

Make it easy for your customers to share their experiences on social media by creating an official hashtag and reminding them to post their photos, videos and reviews. Interact and respond to your customers on social media, and watch your engagement levels rise significantly.

Customer feedback is important, not only for your prospective travelers but also for you as a business owner. It helps you showcase your commitment to customer service, better understand the travelers who are booking with you and learn where you can improve your business. For more information on the importance of feedback to your marketing strategy, download the Rezdy online marketing e-book today.

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Image credit: John Schnobrich