Across the globe, people are beginning to rely on travel. They don’t consider it an optional luxury, but rather an essential part of who they are and who they want to become. Millennials, in particular, value the experience associated with travel, and prefer to invest in adventures rather than major purchases, such as furniture, collectibles and expensive cars. As a tour and activity provider, it’s important to take note of this changing mentality and the emerging trends that are occurring throughout the industry.

6 Travel Trends in the Tourism Industry

  1. The Chinese travel market is booming. Chinese travelers are heading out into the world, and spending big money along the way. In 2014, this demographic spent $498 billion traveling outside of the country. Chinese travelers prefer to book with tour companies that have a solid presence on social media, and that accept bookings over mobile platforms.
  2. An increasing number of travelers are unplugging while they are away. Mobile technology allows everyone to stay connected wherever they are — and people are beginning to realize that this isn’t always ideal. In 2013, more than 70% of travelers from the UK unplugged completely while on holiday. While you may not want to eliminate Wi-Fi from your property, you should be considerate of this desire as you conduct your tours and activities.
  3. It’s becoming easier to get to every corner of the world. Many airlines are offering low-cost flights to local destinations, making weekend getaways to faraway lands more feasible for the average traveler. As travel becomes more convenient and affordable, there will be an increase in the total number of tourists heading to your  remote region.
  4. The hottest destinations are the lesser-known locales. While the city lights of Paris and the buzz of Tokyo will always be appealing to those afflicted with wanderlust, there’s an increasing desire to explore smaller and less popular destinations. In these cities and countries, people are discovering uninterrupted local culture and authentic experiences.
  5. Locals are learning to explore their own cities and countries. Dubbed the Staycation, many people are simply having fun touring their local area. No longer should you market only to out-of-town travelers, try to make your products appealing to those who live in your region as well.
  6. Adventure travel is on the rise. Jungle treks, kayaking and white water rafting are just a few of the adventure experiences that people crave. Millennials, in particular, love a good adventure. Considering they represent one of the largest travel markets, you might want to add a few exciting options in order to attract their attention.

The good news is, more people are hoping to explore the world in 2016, and your tour and activity company can take advantage of this influx of tourists. Take note of these emerging trends, and target specific audiences by following distribution trends. Rezdy conducted a industry survey on how tour and activity providers distribute their products, you can download the results by clicking on the image below.

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