The right new booking platform can make a world of difference for your business, bookings and teams, so it’s crucial to put some time and consideration into choosing the best option for your needs. A product demo is the ideal time to ask important questions and get into the nitty gritty of exactly how the platform can support and improve your business. Here’s what to ask so you can be sure you’re really diving into the right details.

Which industry is your booking platform designed for?

A booking platform that’s specifically designed for your industry is more likely to have the features and workflows you need built right in, without trying to be all things to all people. Rezdy, for example, is developed for tour and activity operators, which means that everything from the booking process to analytics has been carefully thought out to support these types of businesses.

Is the booking process smooth for customers?

A product demo is the perfect opportunity to be walked through the guest experience and see how streamlined and intuitive the direct booking process will be on your website. Is the customer guided through each step as they make their booking? Is the booking calendar mobile responsive, and is the design clean and clutter-free?

Is the back end easy to use for staff?

You can have the most beautiful customer experience, but if your staff can’t use the back end of your tour management software then a booking platform could turn out to be next to useless. To ensure a smooth and reliable back-end experience, ask specific questions based on your staff processes. Will employees be able to access the software on any device with their secure login? Can you easily assign staff members to specific tours or activities?

Do you limit the number of user accounts?

This is a question that isn’t asked often – but it should be. Many tour guide software providers limit staff user accounts within each pricing tier, but fortunately, there are options like Rezdy that allow unlimited user accounts at every level. This is important because it can affect your ability to be able to assign and track staff members as well as maintain data security.

What support and training methods will you have available for my business?

It’s absolutely vital to know that you’ll have access to support and technical information when you need it. Be sure to ask about support, contact, and training resources that will be available to you, which should include an in-depth knowledge base, regular software updates and enhancements, and local email and phone contact details within your country.

How can your booking platform help my business grow?

A booking platform should help you sell tours online via your own website, but it should also go far beyond this. It’s worth asking about the features that will help you boost your bookings and support your business as it grows; things like reseller marketplaces, guest communication tools, and tour management functionality.

Can I easily offer promotions, discounts, and vouchers with this booking platform?

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Promotions and discounts aren’t for every tour or activity operator, but if you find them a useful part of your business then this will be an important question to ask. Can you easily implement a promotion or voucher option in your tour booking software online, and most importantly is the redemption process smooth for the customer so that they can take you up on the offer?

Can I access analytics of where people are booking my tours and activities?

Data analysis can be one of the main benefits of using an online booking platform. If you can’t see in-depth analytics and produce reports of where, when, and how people are booking your tours or activities, then you’ll be missing out on important information that could help your business thrive. It’s definitely worth asking about this during a demo so you can see the reporting capabilities for yourself.

Rezdy provides a live, 1-on-1 demo that takes you through the details with a local product specialist, whether you’re an operator in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, or elsewhere. Keen to get the VIP tour? It’s simple to book your free demo at a time that suits you.

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