Rezdy is a premier online booking system that is designed specifically for tour and activity operators, and one of its most unique features is its Channel Manager.

The Channel Manager is a portal where tour operators can connect with agents and OTAs that can resell their products. The Rezdy Channel Manager boasts live availability, making it convenient and easy for agents to resell your products. These are a few of the top brands who are active on the Channel Manager:

Expedia Local Expert

Expedia is one of the largest OTAs in the world, allowing travelers to book everything from their flights and hotels to their local services and activities. It has local sites in more than 33 different countries, and more than 11 million travelers have submitted reviews on the site.

Connect with Expedia


Viator personalizes the travel planning experience by providing recommendations to travelers based on their own interests and hobbies. It works directly with tour and activity operators in order to maximize the customer experience.

Connect with Viator


Wotif is the leading online travel brand for destinations in Australia and New Zealand. It was founded in the early 2000s and has grown to become a renowned travel leader across the globe.

You can start selling on Wotif, by connecting with Expedia Connect with Wotif


Travelocity began as a way to help travelers book hotels, but now it’s a leading OTA that can connect interested tourists with everything they need for their trip. In addition to booking accommodations and transportation, travelers also can book tours and activities through the site.

You can start selling on Travelocity, by connecting with Expedia Connect with Travelocity


Musement is designed to be a travel resource for those who are interested in experiencing the local culture. It specializes in connecting travelers with unique tours and activities available in a given destination.

Connect with Musement

City Discovery

City Discovery is an OTA that helps people book tours and activities based on their own personal interests. They assist people as they uncover the hidden gems within the city that they have chosen to visit. It serves more than 1 million customers across the globe.

Connect with City Discovery


Ticketmates is an online ticketing platform that specializes in tours and activities in Australia and New Zealand. It helps to streamline the process for hotels and vendors who are reselling tour and activity products.

Connect with TicketMates

Red Balloon

Red Balloon is a travel brand that focuses on booking experiences in Australia and New Zealand. It partners with more than 1,000 experience partners and promotes more than 3,000 experiences on its platform. Top experiences include hot air balloon rides, photography workshops and massages.

Connect with Red Balloon

One of the things that tour and activity operators love about Rezdy is that it is truly designed to help industry professionals grow their business to the next level. These are just a few of the top brands that you will have access to when you partner with Rezdy.

Learn how Rezdy’s channel manager works

By connecting with these agents, you will be able to sell your products to a larger audience and increase your bookings across the board. To see the impact Rezdy can have on your business, begin with your free trial today.

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