While reminder messages are one of the most underutilised features within Rezdy, this functionality is powerful. These manual or automated pre-trip communications can help you to deliver a better guest experience and even to solve a few headaches for your business. How so?

Let’s dive into the details of reminder messages, when you might use them, and how to get started.

What can reminder messages be about? 

You can personalise your communication within your Rezdy dashboard to send out any type of message to customers ahead of their tour or activity experience with you. This might include: 

  • Getting customers excited about the upcoming experience
  • Informing them where and when to meet to minimise no-shows 
  • Letting them know what they need to bring – for example, warm clothing, a hat or closed-in shoes
  • Explaining your COVID-19 safety procedures and policies
  • Reminding them about a balance owing and requesting the remainder to be paid
  • Requesting your liability waiver to be read and digitally signed, via integration with Wherewolf 
  • Offering and upselling Extras such as a transfer, meal, upgrade or merchandise.

Put simply, reminder messages offers you the chance to set customer expectations, build anticipation and even to minimise your paperwork. Best of all, on Rezdy’s Accelerate and Expansion plans you can completely automate these messages so you won’t need to give them a second thought once you have them set up. Your tour and activity booking software does all the sending work for you. Sweet!




reminder messages to minimise no-shows



How many reminder messages can I send? 

Within Rezdy you can schedule up to three reminder messages ahead of the event. You might choose to send one out a week out, another a couple of days ahead and one a few hours before the event, for example, depending on the nature of the messages.


How do I make my reminder messages really effective?

Personalisation can be one of the key aspects of a successful reminder message. Within Rezdy tour management software you can use a number of Personalise shortcodes in your message format, which will then be replaced with the customer’s specific data as the email is sent. For example, you can use the customer’s name in the message, their balance owing, the product they’ve booked and/or your company details. 

How can I customise my reminder messages?

To find and start configuring your reminder messages within Rezdy tour operator reservation system, head right on over to this support article. This takes you step-by-step through the process. Once you’ve aced your reminder messages, it’s worth taking a look at your follow-up emails too. With these post-event emails you can finalise your guest experience, request reviews and provide coupon codes to sell tours online to past guests. Simply set and forget for a great customer experience! 


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