Online booking systems make it easy for customers to book your tours and activities. But are they right for you and your tourism business? It can pay to consider online booking advantages and disadvantages before diving into bookin systems, so let’s go over some of the important pros and cons.

The advantages of an online booking system

  • You can take sales 24/7
    One of the key and compelling advantages of online ticket booking is that your customers can book around the clock, without you needing to be awake or manning your phone constantly. Guests can simply book via your website when and where it suits them – including at the last minute – increasing your chances of making every sale.
  • Customers can find you where they’re already looking
    The majority of your customers are no doubt online – after all, online sales account for almost two thirds or 65% of the global travel and tourism market. By using Rezdy Marketplace, you can promote your tours everywhere your customers are looking, from local travel agents to the highly popular OTAs such as TripAdvisor,, Viator and RedBalloon.  
  • Tour and booking management is made far simpler
    There’s a very clear benefit amongst the pros and cons of online registration, which is that guest and booking information is all kept on an online database for your easy reference. Finding the best online booking system makes it easy to manage and plan tours, activities and hire equipment so you can optimise your guest experiences.
  • You can gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences
    Amongst the many web based system advantages is the chance to better analyse and understand the way your guests are finding, booking and enjoying your tours or activities. Is a particular day of the week or tour proving exceptionally popular? Is there enough demand in the lead-up to school holidays to require extra staff? With in-built analytics in a website booking system, you can gain these types of insights and more.

advantages of an online booking system

The disadvantages of online booking systems

  • You’ll need internet access to use the system
    This is a factor to consider in the advantages and disadvantages of any online business transaction, and in most cases you’ll probably have a reliable internet connection in order to run your business. Online booking is likely only a problem if your business routinely operates without internet access.   
  • The wrong booking system could complicate your life
    While the right online booking platform will make it easier to take, manage and grow your bookings, the wrong one could actually make it more difficult to do so. A poorly designed digital reservation system could even create the disadvantage of poor customer service if guests can’t book easily, so take the time to choose your provider carefully. Rezdy is rated 4.6/5 stars on Capterra and has plenty of customer success stories so you know you are in good hands. Why not start a free 21-day trial with us today?
  • Online booking could bring in substantially more bookings
    If you do find the right booking system and reseller network, your bookings could potentially see a sudden and significant boost as many of our clients have experienced. In this case, you’ll want to be prepared ahead of time and plan accordingly so you have adequate staffing and resources in place for a busy season! 





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