Facebook is so much more than a social networking site that allows you to create a page where you can connect with your customers, post updates about your recent tours and new activities, and network within the industry. It’s a powerful advertising tool, and you should consider investing in Facebook ads. As a tour and activity provider, you can customize your ads and target them to a very specific group of people, which helps you enjoy a larger return on your investment.

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Facebook and Location Targeting

Location Targeting is an innovative tool that allows you to showcase your ads to a group of people in a specific area. If you know that a lot of your visitors come from one part of the world or from one state in the country, you can target your ads to that demographic. Location targets can be selected by country, state, zip codes in the United States, post codes across the globe and even by congressional districts. In fact, location targets can be combined in order to select the exact right group of people in order to meet your needs. This means that you are only investing resources where they count.

Targeting Travelers Specifically

Tour and activity providers should note that you can target travelers specifically through these ads. This is ideal if you are looking to increase your last-minute bookings by attracting customers who have already arrived at your destination. Facebook identifies travelers as those who have recently posted a status in your destination from a mobile device and whose home is listed as more than 100 miles from your area. You can select a traveler target in order to capture this unique and ever-changing audience. It should be noted though that only customers who have enabled the location feature on their tablet or smartphone.

Why Should You Use Facebook to Promote Your Tours and Activities?

Facebook is a social networking site that is beloved by travelers, who love to post updates, photos and statuses about their journeys. Many travelers are on Facebook while they are on their trips, which means that they are likely to see the advertisements that you post there. In addition to investing in Facebook ads, you also should consider promoting your business Facebook page to clients who have booked your tours. Your advertisements can complement your profile on the site, and you will be maximizing your use of this powerful social networking tool.

More Online Marketing tips and Tricks

Facebook is just one way to advertise your products and increase your direct, online bookings. There are many other ways to enhance your online presence and increase awareness about your brand. For more information on improving your presence online, download our online marketing ebook or dive right into more information about the Facebook Ad targeting options.

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