An online booking calendar is a tool that can be implemented on your website in order to display your availability to your clients and other travel agents. It’s a critical tool to have in an age where anyone and everyone wants to book their trips online. It’s important to know which features you need in an online availability calendar, in order to make sure you select the right one.

Features You Need in an Online Booking Calendar for Tour Operators

Live Availability — This feature ensures that everyone can see your accurate availability at any given moment, whether they are an agent looking to book your products for their customers or travelers planning their upcoming trip. Of course, live availability also is available on the back end, so that you and your employees have an idea of what is happening at any given moment with your business.

Real-time Booking — Real-time booking allows consumers to make instant reservations with your company. They see what is available through the live availability feature, and once they make their reservation, the entire system is instantly updated. Real-time booking is necessary in a world where travel arrangements are made online and on mobile devices.

Visual Calendar for Tour Providers — A visual calendar is a tool that is available to tour and activity providers on the back end, allowing you to see upcoming reservations at a glance. The calendar can be modified in order to see availability on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This expertly-designed calendar makes it easy to assess the situation at a moment’s notice, and allows you to stay organized as you run your tour and activity business. This tool is especially useful during your peak travel season!

Access to the Cloud — Everything needs to be in the Cloud these days, even your tour and activity calendar. This allows you to get the data and information you need, wherever you are. You can access your calendar from your preferred mobile device, which allows you to stay informed whether you are giving a tour or you are at an industry conference. As a tour and activity provider, you want to spend as little time in your office as possible. Cloud-based booking systems allow you to manage your calendar and bookings for wherever you are. This eliminates the stress of everyday bookkeeping, and allows you to focus on the bigger picture.


As an all-encompassing online booking system, Rezdy is the premier choice for tour and activity providers. It offers a live availability calendar that rivals anything else available in the industry. Not only is it displayed prominently on the website in order to be user-friendly for direct consumers, but it also is available for OTAs (including Expedia and Viator) and other agents who are reselling your tours and activities through the Channel Manager. All calendars are synced together so that everyone can see your live availability at any moment, eliminating the possibility of overbooking your tours.

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