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In part 2 of the 3-chapter series of ‘Get India Ready’ for tour and activity operators, you will discover all the essential information about an Indian traveler: the profiles of Indian travelers, their traveling behaviors, booking patterns and what they are looking for.

India Outbound Market Series:

Chapter 1: Introduction to India Outbound Market
Chapter 2: An Analysis of the Target Customers: India Traveler Profiled
Chapter 3: How To Deliver Quality Service and Provide Top-Notch Experience for the Indian Traveler

Understanding the Target Customers in the Australian Context

Australia is a highly aspirational destination for Indian travelers, with visiting Australia’s beaches and iconic landmarks high on their list. Associations with Australia are strongest for its natural landscapes and wildlife. The country is perceived to have a range of experiences on offer, both adventurous and family friendly.

As an integral part of the India 2020 Strategic Plan, understanding the needs and wants of these consumers and sharing these insights is a vital foundation for tour and activity providers who wish to refine their marketing activities to target this booming market.

The Profiles of Indian Travelers

There are different sets of Indian travelers where tour and activity providers can target. Specifically, these travelers include:

  • Affluent – they are amongst the wealthiest of India’s population, but income does vary across cities.
  • Men and women aged 35-54 years.
  • Couples (including honeymooners) and families (often traveling with children).



  • Work as: entrepreneurs or self-employed, highly qualified professionals and senior executives at multinational companies.



  • Experienced travelers – have travelled for leisure in the past 12 months and have Australia as part of their holiday consideration set, and
  • Those from Tier 1 cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, but also smaller cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Amritsar are emerging as important source markets for Indian outbound travel as well.

Traveling Behaviors  of the Indian Tourists

The Indian travelers prefer traveling in four unique ways:

  • Firstly, they prefer semi-free independent travel where most will pre-book/ package parts of their holidays before arriving to Australia. This includes booking flights, transfers, accommodation and some activities.
  • Group travel and tours are popular options for less experienced travelers as group travel is considered safer for a new destination so far away from home.
  • Safety and security, as well as value for money are the main reasons these consumers pre-book of their holidays and when they are selecting a holiday destination.
  • Most Indians travel to Australia after first traveling short haul within Asia and long haul to Europe or the USA.

How the Indians research and book their holidays

For the average Indian traveler, there are many ways that they engage with when researching and booking a holiday. Usually, overseas holidays are planned with the immediate family, with ‘feeling comfortable and safe’ being the most important factor in their destination choice. Most of the planning starts two to six months before traveling where it is done in person with travel agents and online services.

For long haul destinations, bookings are predominantly made with a trusted travel agent. For the short haul and familiar destinations, bookings are increasingly made through online channels, particularly for airfares and accommodation. Even if travel agents, are used, most consumers will do some independent research to verify what the agent is telling them. Travel agents are commonly used to arrange and obtain visas.

How to influence their travel decision-making

There are many factors that can influence the Indian traveler’s decision-making. Most predominantly, recommendations from family and friends who have visited or who live in Australia play the most influential role as they are seen as trusted information sources. Travel agents and tour operators are consulted for information on where to holiday and are important when planning and booking.

Other sources include: travel specific information on the Internet, online social networking sites such as Facebook, destinations featured on TV and films and marketing messages from news and media.


What are the Indian travelers looking for?

For a long haul trip (such as Australia), a holiday of up to 10 days that includes times to destress and spend time with family. The latter are key motivators for leisure travel and the main consideration when designing their holidays. They like to visit beaches and famous landmarks like the Opera House.

The most important factors that they want from traveling are: safety and security as they perceive Australia to be generally safe for tourists and families, as well as value for money when partaking in activities, tours and attractions.

Once gaining knowledge of an Indian traveler profile, tour and activity providers can strategically narrow their service offerings to suit the needs of the Indian traveler to ultimately heighten their tourism experiences.


To be continued…

Next Chapter: How To Deliver Quality Service and Provide Top-Notch Experience for the Indian Traveler.

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