As a tour and activity operator, you are constantly looking for new distribution channels and undiscovered market segments that may boost your bookings and your revenue. Airbnb is actually becoming a powerful channel for those in the experience sector, as it now offers travelers the opportunity to book Experiences through its portal.  You can use this to your advantage when you host the best experiences in your destination. Here’s 6 ideas that will help you attract Airbnb guests to tours you offer.

#1. Cater your experiences to the trending categories

You can investigate which categories are trending on Airbnb Experiences, and then create tour products that fit within those categories. For instance, categories that are often top performers include history, health and wellness, and social impact. When describing your tours and experiences, use keywords to indicate that they fit within the most popular categories.

#2. Create exclusive offerings

The type of travelers who book through Airbnb are often searching for exclusive and authentic experiences throughout their stay at a particular destination. Your tours should be something unique that they can’t do at every tour company that is based in the heart of town. Provide immersive experiences that highlight the local culture and flavor of your region.

#3. Use social media to promote your experiences

Social media is a powerful channel for raising awareness about your experiences. In every social post, include a photo or a video. In addition, make sure your travelers are able to book directly through your social pages. You need to make the booking process as seamless and simple as possible.

#4. Make it easy to book your experiences

Short forms and instant confirmation are necessary for getting tourists to book your experiences through Airbnb. With the right online booking system in place, you can streamline the booking process for travelers across your entire distribution network.

#5. Add classes and workshops to your products

In addition to the traditional tours and activities, consider creating new product offerings that allow travelers to enjoy a hands-on learning experience. Some ideas may include a cooking class with a local chef or a workshop with a local artist where each traveler leaves with a handmade piece.

#6. Allow travelers to feel confident in your experiences

Portray yourself as the one and only expert in your experiences by outlining clear expectations and by indicating what safety measures are in place for those who book your experiences. Be sure to go over safety tips for tour operators with your staff, so that they are prepared for anything that might occur during one of your experiences.

Tour operators across the globe are finding that Airbnb Experiences are a powerful distribution channel, as an increasing number of travelers rely on this social sharing site for booking their accommodations. Be prepared for this influx of bookings by partnering with the right online booking software solution. Rezdy is the top booking software on the market for the tour and activity sector – why no begin your free 21 day trial here.

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Image credit: Martha Dominguez de Goveia

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