The global tourism industry experienced a severe setback due to strict travel restrictions, resulting in a significant decline in international tourist arrivals and revenue loss. However, the industry is now starting to welcome the reopening of tourism and embrace the major travel recovery. As the world adapts to the new normal, it is essential to understand the changing dynamics and adapt accordingly.

The Chinese traveler market presents immense potential for international travel and tourism providers. With the return of China travel rates peaking back to pre-pandemic levels and their evolving preferences, it is crucial for businesses to understand the current state of play and implement effective strategies to attract this lucrative market.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends, challenges, and tools that can help tour operators tap into the growth and demand of the Chinese consumer.

The return of travelers from China: current state of play

The travel industry is witnessing a rebound in outbound tourism from Mainland China (i.e Shanghai and Beijing), as well as Greater China regions such as Hong Kong and Macau. Long-haul bookings made well in advance, increased international traffic, and rising domestic travel during holidays indicate a recovery.

Tips to attracting the chinese traveler

However, financial constraints, increased travel costs, and frictions like limited flight schedules, high airfares, COVID-19 testing, and visa-related issues pose challenges for the Chinese outbound travel market. Safety concerns and a clean environment in destination countries play a vital role in restoring Chinese travelers’ confidence to venture abroad. Overcoming these challenges requires industry players to proactively address issues and collaborate with relevant stakeholders.

The evolving Chinese traveler

The returning Chinese traveler is experience-oriented, digitally savvy, and eager to explore unfamiliar destinations to satisfy their pent-up demand for travel. They seek authentic local offerings and are heavily influenced by social media and short-form videos for travel inspiration. Crafting unique and seamless experiences is crucial to capture their attention and loyalty.

Chinese travelers prioritize experiences, slow travel, nature-based trips, and wellness while seeking destinations with positive past experiences.

Strategies to attract outbound Chinese travelers

To successfully attract Chinese travelers, international travel and tourism providers should consider the following strategies:

Craft authentic local offerings

Chinese travelers have a deep appreciation for natural beauty and seek opportunities to immerse themselves in stunning landscapes. Highlight destinations with picturesque scenery, renowned landmarks, world heritage sites, and unique cultural experiences.

Food also plays a significant role in Chinese culture, and culinary exploration is a top priority for many Chinese travelers. Showcase local cuisine, street food markets, cooking classes, and food tours that allow them to indulge in authentic flavors and immerse themselves in the local culinary scene.

Catering to chinese tourists

And lastly, Chinese travelers are keen on experiencing local life and immersing themselves in the culture of their destination. Offer opportunities for them to engage with locals through cultural exchange programs or community-based tourism initiatives.

Provide a seamless digital travel experience

To effectively capture the attention and meet the expectations of the digitally savvy Chinese traveler, it is crucial to provide mobile-driven solutions, touchless services, and a secure and efficient payment system. 

Here are some key considerations:

  • Mobile-driven solutions: Chinese travelers heavily rely on their smartphones for travel planning, booking, and sharing experiences. Ensure that your online presence, including your website and booking process, is mobile-friendly and optimized for a seamless mobile experience
  • Touchless services: In the era of COVID-19 and beyond, offering touchless services can enhance safety and convenience for Chinese travelers. Implement digital QR code check-ins, e-tickets, and mobile-based communication channels to minimize physical contact and streamline the customer journey
  • Secure and efficient payment system: Chinese travelers prioritize a secure and efficient payment process. By offering a reliable and user-friendly payment solution, you can increase their trust and encourage bookings. Consider integrating a secure payment gateway that supports popular Chinese mobile payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay. This enables seamless transactions and caters to their preferred payment methods

An online booking system like Rezdy can help you achieve these goals by providing a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of the digitally savvy Chinese traveler. Rezdy offers mobile-responsive booking interfaces, touchless QR check-ins, and a secure payment solution through RezdyPay. By utilizing Rezdy’s features, you can streamline your operations, enhance the customer experience, and capture the attention of Chinese travelers who prioritize mobile-driven solutions and a seamless booking process.

Leverage social media

When targeting the Chinese market through social media, it’s important to utilize the right platforms. China has its unique social media landscape, with platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin (known as TikTok internationally), and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) dominating the market. Each platform caters to different demographics and interests. It’s crucial to understand your target audience and select the appropriate platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

Short-form videos have become immensely popular among Chinese travelers, offering a quick and engaging way to showcase destinations and experiences. Create compelling and informative videos that capture the essence of your offerings, highlight key features, and evoke emotions. Furthermore, ensure that your social media content, captions, and descriptions are appropriately localized and offer the option to be translated into Mandarin Chinese. Chinese travelers feel more connected when they can access information in their native language.

Embrace flexibility

To adapt to changing traveler preferences and appeal to the growing segment of independent Chinese travelers, it is essential to offer flexible tour and experience setups that cater to their desire for personalized and unique trips. This could be in the form of accommodating last-minute bookings, catering to large group tours and even offering VIP tour packages. You can even provide flexibility by allowing travelers to customize their experiences based on their interests, time constraints, and preferred level of involvement. This approach enables them to tailor their trips according to their preferences and create personalized and unique travel experiences.

Develop strategic partnerships

Collaborating with local partners is a powerful strategy to enhance the overall travel experience and cater to the specific needs and preferences of Chinese travelers. 

Partnering with local businesses and services, such as restaurants, transportation services, hotels, artisans, or cultural organizations, can offer authentic, convenient, and immersive experiences that align with the preferences of Chinese travelers. You can even go one step further and collaborate with individuals such as independent tour guides or language/cultural support specialists, that offer language support, translation services, and cultural guidance can greatly enhance the travel experience for Chinese tourists.

By working with trusted and reliable local partners, you can offer high-quality services, prioritize safety and comfort, and provide peace of mind to Chinese travelers.

Scale with the right channel partners

The Chinese travel distribution ecosystem can be complex and fragmented, but by collaborating with the right partners, you can navigate this landscape and reach a broader audience effectively. 

As tour operators, it’s important to also explore distribution channels that can further expand your reach. This may include partnerships with local tour operators, travel agencies, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and tourism boards, or even leveraging social media platforms popular among Chinese travelers. Diversifying your distribution channels allows you to tap into new markets, increase brand exposure, and attract Chinese travelers who may have different preferences and booking behaviors.

what are the main types of tourism distribution channels

Fortunately, Rezdy can support your efforts to scale and broaden your distribution channels. With Rezdy Channel Manager, you to tap into the industry’s largest distribution network and connect with various distribution partners, all while streamlining the booking process, and efficiently managing your inventory across different channels.

Tap into the growth and demand of the Chinese traveler market

As the Chinese outbound trips rise and the international travel market recovers, it is crucial for international travel and tourism providers to understand the evolving preferences and expectations of Chinese travelers. By implementing the right strategies, embracing digital solutions, and focusing on authentic experiences, businesses can position themselves to capture the opportunities presented by the returning Chinese traveler.

Chinese traveler

To optimize your operations and effectively attract and serve the Chinese traveler market, consider utilizing systems specifically designed for tour and activity operators, such as Rezdy. Rezdy is the world’s leading independent tour and activity booking and distribution platform designed specifically for tour and activity operators. Rezdy offers tools and features that can streamline your business processes, automate administrative tasks, and provide a seamless booking and payment experience, all while giving you the opportunity to broaden your distribution channel via the industry’s largest distribution network – Rezdy Channel Manager.

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