Augmented Reality + Tourism Industry: How it can Revolutionize your Tours & Activities Business

Augmented Reality + Tourism Industry: How it can Revolutionize your Tours & Activities Business

Virtual reality is the up-and-coming technology that everyone is talking about, but the tourism industry is really setting its sights on augmented reality. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the tourism industry, changing the way that tour and activity operators promote their products.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a type of virtual reality that allows users to not only experience the virtual world but also make decisions that alter that experience. In an augmented reality experience, the user can make a decision and then experience a version of that world that results from their choice. It makes for a much more specific, much more seamless virtual reality experience. As travel and tourism experts continue to explore their options for utilizing virtual reality, many of them are focusing on augmented reality and the endless opportunities that are available through this innovative technology.

How is it Changing the Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry is all about selling the experience of travel. Hotel operators want their guests to feel welcome and at home. Restaurants want to attract travelers who are interested in experiencing a new culture or flavor. Tour and activity operators want to offer unique experiences that can’t be had in any parts of the world. In this regard, virtual reality and augmented reality has the opportunity to change the entire game. This technology allows travellers to experience a particular place or activity prior to ever making their booking. They can decide for themselves, with nearly utmost certainty, if that optionĀ is the best choice for their upcoming trip.

What Does This Mean for Tour and Activity Operators?

Tour and activity operators can consider using augmented reality in the following ways:

  • Offer virtual tours of the places that you visit and the things that you do on your tours and activities. Give people a chance to preview the experience they are about to book.
  • Offer navigational tools that help people get around their chosen destination. This can be an added resource that helps you develop a reputation as a local guide rather than just a tour company.
  • Offer augmented-reality apps that can provide translation services for your international travellers. This can help everyone feel comfortable and confident while on one of your tours.

Technology continues to change the way that tour and activity operators do business, and it’s important to always stay one step ahead of the game. In order to learn more about augmented reality and the way that it’s changing the travel industry, be sure to subscribe to the Rezdy blog. Rezdy is the only online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity providers. Not only does it provide tour operators with amazing features that help them streamline their business processes, but it also offers expert resources to its clients.

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