Earning a Facebook like from a new customer is validating — it makes you feel like your business is valued and genuinely enjoyed by your customers. But beyond that, it’s imperative that you receive as many likes as possible on your Facebook page for your tour and activity company. These likes do more than just serve as a confidence booster, they play a pivotal role in the number of people you are able to connect with via social media.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Page Likes?

  • Likes improve your reach with social media advertising. On Facebook, you can advertise directly to customers who have liked your page, which improves your target audience and increases the number of conversions you receive. For tour and activity companies, the best approach is to target those who have already arrived in your destination. This is the group that is most likely to book with you via Facebook. Your ad campaign should include your prices, reviews and what people can expect when they book one of your tours or activities. High-resolution photographs and captivating videos are critical to your overall success, as customers want visual evidence of the experience before they book. Ultimately, when you have more likes on your Facebook page, you will be able to target the travelers who are most likely to book your tours.
  • The more likes you have, the more trustworthy you become as a business. Travelers today are exceptionally savvy when it comes to using social media as a resource before booking tours and activities for their upcoming vacations. They will look to your Facebook page in order to see who has liked it, what reviews you have received and what types of things you post online. The more likes you have on your page, the more trustworthy and authoritative you will appear. New customers are more likely to book with a brand that has an established presence on Facebook.
  • Additional likes will increase your visibility online. You can allow your customers to book directly with you on your Facebook profile by adding an easy-to-use booking button through your online booking system. As more customers like your Facebook page, you will see an increase in these direct bookings. The booking button also will encourage more people to like your page, because they prefer to work with businesses that they can interact with directly in a way that is most convenient and comfortable for them.
  • Social media is a critical component of your online marketing campaign. By choosing an online booking system that integrates directly with your popular social networking profiles, you will be able to increase your direct bookings and improve your brand promotion online.

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