5 ways to select the best keywords for your travel website

5 ways to select the best keywords for your travel website

Keyword selection has long played a pivotal role in any SEO strategy, but the way that keywords are used has evolved significantly over the last several years. At one time, keyword stuffing was believed to be the easiest way to get your website landing pages at the top of the SERP, but Google and other search engine giants quickly caught onto that. Today, it’s important that you use powerful trending keywords throughout your content and within your metadata, but that you do so in a way that is relevant and useful. These are the 5 ways to select the best keywords for your travel website.

#1. Start by compiling a list of topics that best relate to your tour and activity company

This is a quick and easy way to brainstorm for ideas for keywords. For example, if you operate a tour and activity company that operates kayaking tours that include snorkeling, a list of relevant topics may include kayaking, snorkels, outdoor adventure and kayak tours. The words that first come to mind about your company often form the basis for your most relevant keywords.

#2. Evaluate trending keywords on Google Analytics

After you have compiled a list of potential topics for your keywords, you will want to begin researching to find out which keywords are being searched most often among your target market segments. Naturally, it is best to select keywords that are trending as this is what the most motivated travelers are inputting into their search engines.

#3. Identify new landing pages that can be created about specific niche topics

One of the most important SEO rules is to avoid vague, generic keywords and to focus on specific keywords that include locations and other niche phrases. As you select keywords, you should create website landing pages based on these topics. Incorporate the keyword into the URL so that it can easily be discovered by the search engines when they crawl your website.

#4. Notice what the local competition is using within its content

To make it to the top of the SERP, you need to maneuver your way around the local competition. Do a quick Google search of your own to see what is making other tour and activity companies in your area rise to the top of the list. Base your keywords off of what they are doing — except do it just a little bit better.

#5. Select keywords that can be utilized on your website and across all of your brand content

The keywords that you select need to be included in your website content, as well as throughout your metadata, social posts and blog posts.

After you have implemented your new SEO strategy and incorporated these targeted keywords into your content, you will want to track and monitor the results on Google Analytics and other SEO research tools. If you notice that one keyword is more successful than another, adjust your content accordingly to maximize the results. Ultimately, you will want to frequently evaluate your SEO strategy and adjust your keywords as necessary to accomplish your goals.

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