Best Practice for Tours and Activities: Marketing Materials

Best Practice for Tours and Activities: Marketing Materials

As you continue to expand your professional network of agents who will resell your tours and activities for you, you will want to consider the promotional elements that you include in your product listings. Marketing materials are an extremely important component of your listing, as these offer powerful, visual proof of the experiences that are available through your tour and activity company.

High-resolution photos and videos say more about your company and the activities available through it than any tour description can ever provide. When it comes to including photos and videos for your product listings, here’s the elements you need to incorporate:

  • People — Travelers are going to be attracted to photographs of real people enjoying themselves on your tours and activities. Be sure to incorporate people of different ages, stages and backgrounds in order to appeal to a broad audience. Prioritize your target audience, but try not to leave anyone out.
  • Important Sights — If your city tours go to every top attraction in the region, you will want to include photographs of those attractions in your promotional materials. This is visual proof that your customers are going to get the experience they want out of your tours.
  • Equipment — Photographs of your equipment helps you to build trust with both agents and potential travelers. People want to be sure that they are booking a tour that has reliable, working equipment. Beyond that, showcasing that you have invested in luxury can help entice people to book with you over the competition.

Industry Best Practices for Using Photographs in Marketing Materials

  • Make sure your pictures have bright and bold colors that allow them to stand out. Vivid photographs taken on bright sunny days can help capture the attention of your target audience and even motivate them to book with you. Display only the photographs that you have that were taken on good weather days, as this is the experience that people are hoping for when they book one of your tours or activities. Colors such as red, royal blue, yellow and orange are attractive and draw attention, and are ideal for using in photographs that will be part of your marketing materials.
  • Only use high-resolution photographs. High-resolution photographs are necessary because they can be cropped and resized into a variety of formats, while still looking stunning and attractive. Agents, in particular, appreciate when tour and activity operators include high-resolution photographs in their product listings. This is due to the fact that agents use marketing photographs in a wide variety of situations. They may want to resize the images in order to properly display them on their own websites, or to print them on a promotional flyer that they are giving to interested clients. If you make it easy and convenient for them to do this, they will be more likely to use your marketing materials and promote your tours and activities to their customers. This also improves your chances of forming successful partnerships with prospective agents.

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