It seems like data is the buzzword of the year. Marketing experts hail data as the key to unlocking endless potential among targeted groups of consumers. Business owners claim that they rely on their data just as much as they rely on oxygen in order to survive. Every blog and social post that you see seems to mention the importance of big data, so how do you get this coveted material? Here are the 5 best ways to collect data for tourism businesses:

#1. Encourage people to subscribe to your brand’s blog

The blog for your tour and activity brand is not just a resource for your travelers, but it’s also a valuable resource for you as a business owner. By providing accurate and interesting content for your target audience, you will develop a steady stream of subscribers who want to be notified when you have a new post. When you ask people to subscribe to your blog, you get contact information and other important data in return. Ultimately, this helps you discover which types of people are most interested in your brand.

#2. Ask for customers to subscribe to your email list

One of the simplest ways to get data from your customers is to ask for it. On your website, encourage site visitors to sign up for your email list. This can be a small checkbox on the booking form or a short form on your contact page. Many people find this to be a valuable way to stay in touch with your brand, and you get their vital data in return.

#3. Analyze the booking data that you receive through your booking management system

You will get a lot of data simply through bookings on your website. These bookings should automatically sync with your booking management system, where you can analyze and evaluate the data that you receive.

#4. Create a lighthearted questionnaire or quiz for your customers to fill out

This is a unique technique that has been used by brands across all industries to get customers to offer up their data in exchange for a lighthearted moment of fun. Perhaps you could create a quiz titled “Which Tour and Activity Best Suits Your Personality?” Your website visitors will find this useful because it will match them with the perfect experience for them, and you will get valuable data in return.

#5. Review your online reviews for data

Travelers who leave feedback about your brand on popular sites like TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook often have to post their contact information as well. In addition to monitoring these reviews for constructive criticism and praise about your brand, you should also search for data within these reviews.

With the right data collection techniques in place, you will find yourself with an endless supply of resources at your tour and activity company. This data can be used not only to reach new customers, but to personalize the experience for your existing customers. Ultimately, data is a necessity, and it’s important that you have efficient data collection methods in place.

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