We previously discussed brochure marketing for tours and activities. Now we’ll delve a little deeper into how to effectively distribute your print brochures.

Here are ways you can get your brochures into the hands of booking customers.

1. Your point of sale

First things first. It’s only natural to have a stack of brochures at your reception desk, so that customers can grab it and it have their questions easily answered. Travelers may walk by and grab a brochure for reference. This is perfect for when things are hectic because your staff are busy trying to get everyone on tour.

2. Sales kits to existing and potential agents

Contact the agents you know and attend trade shows and expos to give your brochure to agents as part of a sales kit.Include:

  • Fact sheets (per product)
  • Fact sheets (per type of customer – group travel, conference products, and leisure free independent travel should be separated)
  • Brochure
  • Map
  • Photographs
  • Videos

Make sure you have digital versions for online agents like OTAs. This will be used to train their staff, so make sure it looks professional and is very informative.

When attending a trade show, you will have a chance to pre-arrange appointments with buyers to give them a short presentation of your product. Travel agents, inbound tour operators (ITOs), and wholesalers will be there.

When attending a trade expo, you will be able to have a stand where these agents can visit you. The general public is also allowed inside, and you may even get bookings from them!

3. Racks in hostels and hotels

You want travelers, and that’s where they reside. For people who plan out things to do once they arrive at their destination, it’s not uncommon for them to pick up a few brochures to see what’s available.

To be seen in these places, you can either go door to door and try your luck, or pay a brochure distribution company to store and distribute brochures for you.

Each area will have a set of companies specialising in brochure distribution there. If you’re with Rezdy and you’re in Sydney, we do connect you to The Informed Tourist.

For the past 20 years, The Informed Tourist have provided and enabled Sydney’s tourism industry to reach customers via brochures in hotels, backpackers, and other outlets throughout Sydney and surrounding districts. Their brochure racks can be found in the lobbies of just about all Sydney hotels.

Why not take a free trial or get a demo to see how Rezdy works?

Otherwise, you can keep learning about distributing your tours and activities with our ebook:

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