As a business owner, it’s in your nature to be competitive — especially when it comes to other similar businesses in the tour and activity industry. Sometimes it can benefit you to partner with other tour and activity operators who offer the same experiences around the globe. We take a look at how to build referrals through marketplace.

Are you wondering how this could benefit you? Here’s an example to consider. Perhaps you are a tour guide who takes your guests on local hikes throughout New Zealand. The travelers who book with you likely book hiking excursions around the world, utilizing other tour companies such as yours. When you connect and partner with these tour operators in the same niche sector, you can actually build a pool of referrals that helps you increase your bookings across new market segments.

So, how can you begin building this global pool of referrals? The answer is simple: Start using the Rezdy Marketplace.

What is the Rezdy Marketplace?

The Rezdy Marketplace is a portal that you can use to build an instant distribution network for your tour and activity company. On the marketplace, tour and activity operators from around the globe can connect with one another. Form partnerships to refer and resell each other’s tours and activities. All you have to do is enter your tours and activities into the marketplace, name your price and list your availability, and the rest is taken care of for you. In addition, you can scour the marketplace looking to resell tours and activities for your travelers. This allows you to earn a bit of commission for yourself. Very handy during offseason to build new business streams.

Why should I connect with other tour and activity operators on the Rezdy Marketplace?

There’s plenty of reasons why you should try it out and start to build referrals through marketplace:

  • Sell your own tours and activities in the marketplace allows you to tap into new revenue streams. For example, a hiking company that is located in North America can begin referring their travelers to your company. These travelers might not have found you if not for the connection through the Rezdy Marketplace.
  • It gives you an opportunity to earn incremental revenue by referring and reselling tours and activities from other companies.
  • It allows you to expand your reach within the industry and to connect with tour and activity operators from around the world.

How can I nurture the partnerships that I form through the marketplace?

Once you form these connections with tour and activity operators on the Rezdy Marketplace, you can continue to grow and nurture these partnerships. Using automatic communications, such as e-mail or text messages, allows you to instantly refer your guests to their products. In addition, you can use social media to stay in touch with these companies and make personalized recommendations for your travelers. The more you nurture these relationships, the more referrals you will receive from tour and activity operators worldwide.

You don’t have to wait to build referrals through marketplace around the globe. Get active in the industry by joining your colleagues in the Rezdy Marketplace now.

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Image credit: Caleb Stokes

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