How to Build Trust with your website to communicate high tour quality

How to Build Trust with your website to communicate high tour quality

When it comes to developing your online presence, one of the things you need to focus on the most is building trust with your customers. Travelers who are considering a trip to your region will need to know that they can trust the tours and activities that you offer prior to booking with you. They need to be able to know that they are going to enjoy the experience you offer, and that you truly offer high-quality tours.

Here’s a few elements to include on your website in order to earn the trust of your customers:

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews provide social proof that real, experienced travelers have booked your tours and enjoyed the experience. You can request that your customers provide you with video testimonials and reviews on popular social networking sites, such as TripAdvisor. There are many different ways to encourage your customers to leave positive, thorough reviews about your company.

Personal Content

Travelers will place their trust in you if they know more about who you are on a personal level. Share your story on your website, and explain how your business came to be. Tell your customers about what you love about your area, and why you offer the tours and activities that you provide. Post a photo of yourself, and even share a bit about your family members and friends. When you share a compelling story, people will be more motivated to book with you versus your corporate competition. Personal content helps you establish yourself as a local expert and leading resource in the area.

Rich, Visually-Appealing Content

Vivid photographs and high-quality video content provide your customers with the visual proof that they need to know that you offer great products. Be sure to capture the action of your tours and activities, and showcase people having a great time while on your actual tours. Show people what they can expect when they book with you.

Secure Online Payment System

Your customers expect that they can book your tours and activities online, but they need to be able to trust that their data is secure. Be sure that you partner with an online booking system that makes data security a top priority.

Automatic Booking Confirmation

Nothing makes a customer feel more uneasy than when they have booked with you, but they receive no follow-up e-mail regarding their booking. An automatic e-mail confirmation should be sent to every customer who reserves one of your tours and activities online. You also can include Facebook like requests in this e-mail, helping your customers connect with you on a variety of platforms.

Rezdy is the only online booking system that will work with you and for you as you build trust amongst your customer base. As the premier online booking system for tour and activity providers, Rezdy understands what you need to offer in order to increase your bookings. To find out more information about developing a trustworthy online presence and to learn more about the features offered through our system, begin your free trial of Rezdy today.

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