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Jesse Crouch is the owner of ATXcursions, a unique tour company who their guests on outdoor excursions in Austin, Texas.

Starting out as The Hostel Shuttle, Jesse and his business partner, Andrew Thompson, realised that they could expand their shuttle business to provide unique and fun experiences to both tourists and locals, like floating the river in Austin. ATXcursions was born.

For this new venture, Jesse knew he had to have the tools he needed to make running his business easy. Having come from an extensive IT background as a UX Consultant and Engineer, Jesse felt that an up-to-par booking system was necessary to the success of his business.

“We wanted to start the company right, so we started it with a technology focus. We never wanted to book things manually. If we didn’t have booking software in place it would have been a giant pain and we would not be where we are today.”

Jesse started to look for a solution, and stumbled upon Rezdy in his search. He was shown a live demo and was impressed by what he saw.

“I know good software when I see it, and I can tell Rezdy does development correctly. In comparison to the other systems I looked at, Rezdy had the most modern looking website. The others had seriously old interfaces, but Rezdy’s is new and fresh.”

Jesse continued to assess Rezdy by looking at the people behind it.

“I looked at most of Rezdy’s staff profiles on LinkedIn, and the guys behind it have really strong tech backgrounds. It’s not something you find in a lot of companies.”

Convinced that Rezdy was the right choice to help him start running his unique outdoor excursions, Jesse signed up to become a paying customer.

“I picked Rezdy because it’s very obvious that it’s up to speed with development, it’s a hosted service, and it’s scalable. The others that I looked at are antiquated and just don’t understand technology.”

Now, ATXcursions use Rezdy as their customer-facing shopfront for those who want to book online.

“If we didn’t have booking software in place it would have been a giant pain and we would not be where we are today.”
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Slowly, he saw his online bookings climb.

“To begin with, a lot of our bookings were over the phone, which we put into Rezdy from the backend. But at some point, people started using the site more, and we now get the majority of our bookings online because people go straight to the site – half of them through their mobile devices.”

Jesse also admires how Rezdy’s software is constantly being improved.

“Rezdy’s tech focus is what stands out most. It’s visible on the surface, in the software, and in the new release notes that are posted regularly.”

Rezdy equips ATXcursions with the tools they need to manage their entire booking process, including online payments.

“Rezdy’s tight integration with our payment gateway, Stripe, means I never have to think about or touch our payments. We take 100% of the payment online.”

Jesse is so happy with how Rezdy has worked for ATXcursions that he would gladly recommend it to other tour operators.

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“A good user experience in booking is imperative for our business, and Rezdy has achieved that… We wouldn’t have a single booking if our booking software looked like everyone else’s.”
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Working with the support team has been a positive experience for Jesse.

“All of the bugs I’ve submitted have been replied to, so that’s been very positive. Everything has gotten fixed.”

Jesse also enjoys the communications he receives from Rezdy.

“I also like the webinars and your blogs. A lot of companies make educational stuff that I don’t care about, but you guys are really trying to help and give advice.”

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