Managing Bookings Is A Whale Of A Time With Rezdy

Sue Reid is the Owner-Operator of Freedom Whale Watch, who offer a fantastic day out on the waters of Hervey Bay in Queensland. On the tour, visitors can enjoy morning tea, a buffet lunch, and tropical treats while observing amazing humpback whales in their natural environment.

Because it’s such a popular destination, there’s never a shortage of bookings coming in. However, Sue felt that there was a bottleneck to the business’ growth.

“We were only new, so I was heavily reliant on local accommodation places to send me bookings.”

On a daily basis, Sue is busy running the office and promoting the business. She soon realised that in order to expand, she needed to increase the volume of direct bookings so that she wasn’t over-reliant on her agents.

Knowing that most people were doing their research online, Sue started looking for ways to establish the business’ online presence. She started by building a TripAdvisor profile and investing in online search.

“I put time and money into search engine marketing and improving our TripAdvisor profile. Most of our customers now find us through TripAdvisor.”

Sue also implemented an online booking system, but found that it wasn’t giving her an adequate return on investment.

“Our booking system was allowing us to take online bookings from several destination websites, but I wasn’t getting that many bookings from it.”

After giving it a try, Sue decided to implement Rezdy into her business processes.

“Rezdy works very well and is fairly easy to set up. After using it regularly I got the hang of it.”

With Rezdy, Freedom Whale Watch has seen a rise in the total amount of bookings coming in.

“Since we’ve put Rezdy in, I’ve definitely seen an increase in both direct and agent bookings, and I’m not as reliant on my agents for bookings.”

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in both direct and agent bookings, and I’m not as reliant on my agents for bookings.”
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Rezdy allows Sue to have a better overview of her business.

“The Rezdy system’s marketing features make it simpler to keep track of where bookings are coming from and how they get there. And I like how the calendar and manifest is set up. I can work out who needs picking up and when, instead of handwriting my pick-up list.”

Sue also enjoys watching Rezdy evolve their software.

“It’s good to see that Rezdy’s software is always being improved.”

One such improvement is the Agent Desk, which allows her agents to log into Rezdy and make a booking from her live inventory.

“The agents that are using Rezdy prefer making bookings themselves to ringing me. It can be hard to reach me at times because of how busy it gets, so it’s better for them.”

Sue is so happy with Rezdy that she would gladly recommend it to other whale watching tour operators.

“I would definitely recommend Rezdy because it’s very easy to use.”

She has also found working with the team at Rezdy to be a positive experience.

“The Support Team have been very helpful. They always answer my queries and try to sort things out very quickly.”

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