Surf’s Up With Rezdy’s Online Booking Software

You can usually find Dan at the beach, sharing his love of riding the waves with scores of keen students. But a couple months ago, he found himself caught in a rip current of frustration. Managing his bookings’ timetable was driving him nuts.

Newcastle Surf School offer lessons for aspiring surfers, young and old. As the longest running surf school in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, they boast experienced coaches, led by an owner whose passion for surfing dates back to childhood. Surfing is Dan’s life, and he is happy to share it with those who want to experience it for themselves.

But Dan had a recurring problem. After organising staff and equipment for the day ahead, his customers would often cancel last-minute, or just not turn up at all.

“We lose money when people don’t turn up, because we might expect 10 students, but only 6 show up, but there are 2 coaches waiting.”

Dan knew that this was really holding his business back. Weather was the main culprit, but weather is impossible to control. He knew it was time to apply some sort of fee for cancellations.

“It wasn’t a fully serious problem, but it was an annoying hindrance to running the business. Waiting for people that don’t turn up wastes mine and the coaches’ time.”

He decided that an online booking software would be the easiest way to apply his cancellation policy. So when Dan was contacted by Rezdy, he decided to give the free trial a go.

“At first it seemed really daunting and technical. But after I got a demonstration I saw that it’s actually really straightforward. I like being able to program my own lessons, times and beaches. It’s just a basic, simple approach.”

Rezdy has provided Newcastle Surf School with an easy way to take bookings without the risk and hassle of unexpected cancellations. With Rezdy, Dan is able to apply a policy so that cancellations are rare, and if they do happen, they don’t cramp his cash flow.

“When money has come out of the customer’s account or in holding, they’ll definitely turn up or at least give you enough notice so that you can adjust your staffing levels.”

Another handy benefit is being genuinely mobile. He can now spend more time out at the beach doing what he loves, because he can easily access Rezdy from his Tablet when he needs to.

“I love being able to use a Tablet, Rezdy works well on it, it’s really professional.”

In another innovation to his his business, Dan can now sell his gift vouchers online, where previously his customers had to physically pick them up.

“With the lead up to Christmas our gift voucher sales were going through the roof. But we used to sell out of a voucher book. It wasn’t ideal because people had to come to our house to pick them up, and I don’t have an office. Thanks to Rezdy we can do it online.”

In summary, Dan is happy that he can now protect his cash flow, manage his clients and his staff, and all from his tablet, while he’s out and about.

“Rezdy’s online booking system just works - it’s better for us and our customers.”
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