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Stephen Lyons is the Proprietor and General Manager of Pacific Divers, who offer dive adventures in the middle of the Pacific – specifically, Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. From beginners to experts, Pacific Divers offer customers a comprehensive and enjoyable diving service that includes coral terrain dives, canyons, drop offs and drifts with plenty of ocean life to encounter.

Though business was going swimmingly, it wasn’t long before Steve realised that the way he was managing his bookings wasn’t ideal.

“We manually entered information into an annual diary when we received email bookings, but securing credit card details was difficult. People don’t like to send their credit card details through email, so we would confirm the bookings without them.”

Steve knew this manual booking system increased the risk of cancellations without any compensation for his business.

“There was a slight risk of a booking not being honored. Someone could not show up, and we wouldn’t have a method of doing a partial charge on their credit card.”
diving tour booking system
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He knew the credit card payment process had to be automated to make booking management easier for his business, so he started to search for solutions. At first, Steve looked at online shopping cart solutions.

“We had a go at setting up an online shopping cart, but it’s just too difficult and costly to deposit money into a local bank account here. Our local banks don’t support PayPal.”

Steve asked one of his staff members to start looking for an alternative solution.

“I asked one of my staff members to look into electronic diaries, but I wanted to automate it and get away from the paper diary. She searched the web and found Rezdy. I decided to take a free trial.”

After having a look at what Rezdy has to offer, Steve decided that it was the right solution for him.

“Working in tourism, I was aware of other booking engines. However, I didn’t look into them as deeply as I did with Rezdy because from the beginning I found that Rezdy was very easy to deal with. I settled on Rezdy because it services the activities sector well.”

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“Working in tourism, I was aware of other booking engines… I settled on Rezdy because it services the activities sector well.”
diving tour booking system
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Steve began to switch from his diary-based system to Rezdy.

“I had to understand exactly how it works, set up all the products, and establish all the sessions. Once that was done, I handed it over to my staff who entered in all the booking data. Then, it was about training the staff to use the system and moving from the manual diary to Rezdy’s system. It took about 3 weeks for everyone to be comfortable with it.”

Rezdy gives Pacific Divers a hassle-free approach to processing credit card payments for his diving bookings.

Because Rezdy is an automated booking system, it’s saving his staff’s time when it comes to booking management.

“A lot of our customers email us with an enquiry before they’re ready to book. Now, we can send them the link to make a booking. So the advantage with Rezdy is we don’t have to enter it ourselves – our customers enter their information and credit card details, and it’s all done.”

He also found that Rezdy was helping him organise bookings beyond the credit card processing aspect of it.

“I like how Rezdy integrates with my agents, and how people can automatically book straight into our inventory. In terms of the calendar, I like the way it updates visually. It allows me to see what I have on that day, or week, or month.”

Steve has also found working with the Support Team to be a positive experience.

“I haven’t contacted them in a while, but in the early days I called to get things set up and found the response to be very good. They gave me quick and personalised responses.”

Steve is so happy with Rezdy that he would recommend it to businesses who currently manage their bookings manually.

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“Rezdy is a good way to organise bookings, get your processes automated, and maintain your customer database.”
diving tour booking system
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