About Sitka Alaska Outfitters

Sitka Alaska Outfitters is a guided tour company in Sitka, Alaska that offers fishing charters, ATV tours and unique wildlife tours for all adventure seekers. Sitka is the perfect location to enjoy all outdoors excursions such as fly fishing in the local Sitka waters, exploring the Tongass National Forest on ATV Wildlife Safaris to embarking on an ocean raft adventure along the volcanic coastline of Kruzof Island.

Alaska offers an abundance of outdoor excursions. The team behind Sitka Alaska Outfitters are harnessed with a wealth of local knowledge. They are more than happy to share it with those wanting to step out of their comfort zone and become immersed into the beauty and bounty of the Sitka area.

The Problem

Prior to Rezdy, Sitka Alaska Outfitters’ booking tours involved of telephone conversations. The process was a challenge for the tour guides as they were often leading a tour group without much access by the phone. Being an incredibly busy excursion company, the lack of an online reservation system was soon to be out of the question as there was a real need of a seamless and efficient online booking systems.

Kenneth Rear, one of the managers at Sitka Alaska Outfitters, recalled his experience, “I looked at setting up a calendar and online payment system myself and also looked at multiple online reservations.” However, this method involved extra tedious administrative work would eventually prevent him from doing what he really enjoyed – exploring and guiding tours.

After a thorough research, Rezdy set itself apart as the only viable option for Sitka Alaska Outfitters, “Rezdy seemed to be the best fit as we were just going to pay for the service and not have to add more fees on top of our products. That was the major factor when we chose Rezdy.”

Rezdy seemed to to be the best fit as we were just going to pay for the service and not have to add more fees on top of our products.”
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The Solution

Using Rezdy helped the day-to-day management processes of their tour company significantly. “With Rezdy, it was very easy to set up our products and integrate the system seamlessly onto our website. We started building the products and they worked straight away because we already had a website and solid web traffic.”

Sitka Alaska Outfitters’ business results were also immediately visible and quantifiable, “The reports we generate through Rezdy showed us how much we’ve grown. Within a very short timeframe we managed to establish ourselves as one of the premier day excursion companies in Sitka and Rezdy played a major role in this achievement.”

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“We have established ourselves as one of the premier day excursion companies in Sitka. Rezdy played a major role in this.”
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To any Alaskan fishing charters and tour companies in general,  Sitka Alaska Outfitters are more than happy to recommend Rezdy as it gives them the competitive edge, “Quit thinking about finding a system that works and choose Rezdy now.”

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