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Tony is the Manager of Sunshine Coast Skydivers, a beach tandem skydiving tour on the Sunshine Coast. Since Tony’s is a small family business, you can imagine why it’s so important for him to be efficient. But unfortunately, his outdated way of taking bookings was draining his time.

“The way we did our bookings was one of the biggest hurdles we had. It was done manually with written books! It was difficult to move bookings around because we had to locate them, rub them out and rewrite them. It was really time consuming.”

Tony realised that manually managing bookings was not the way to go.

“The general filing of bookings was a very big challenge because it’s too time consuming to find, cancel and rebook customers.”

He knew that if he didn’t do something about it now, it would have serious implications later on.

“If we didn’t settle on a solution, it would continue to be a major issue. If someone accidentally rubbed out something, it’s gone and there’s no trace!” Tony began his search for an online booking software, but found it challenging.

“For a long time, we were trying to find the right product as a system to use – but all the online booking softwares we looked at wouldn’t work best for us, and were too costly.”

Luckily, he found Rezdy and began his free trial.

“I was impressed by how easily we could change bookings – we have a reference number and in a couple of clicks they’re changed and customers get sent an email confirmation straight away.”

Confident with Rezdy after taking the trial, Tony found that the pricing suited his business and hasn’t looked back since.

“I just think the convenience and everything is really good for a business of our size. For smaller businesses, especially those that can’t afford big software, the price is really good for what you get with it.”

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"For smaller businesses, especially those that can’t afford big software, the price is really good for what you get with it.”
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Sunshine Coast Skydivers can now easily find and adjust bookings quickly and without hassle.

“In Rezdy, we can go to the dashboard and see what’s been done in the past. Otherwise, it’s just gone and there’s no information about it.”

In addition to being able to efficiently manage their booking system, Tony and his team were impressed by the other features Rezdy had to offer.

“The way the calendar shows individual products is one of the big features that got us. And our marketing person was impressed by how we can keep all their contact information and export it.”

Though Tony was also able to cut costs on booking payments, he says that the biggest benefit gained was the happiness of his customers.

“We can charge direct through EFTPOS so we don’t have to pay PayPal anymore, but it’s more the convenience of bookings that’s the biggest change for us. Customers have said they like it much better because they can see the accurate balance with the date and everything on the confirmation email.”

All in all, Tony is happy with his choice.

“It’s very good we moved over to Rezdy – it works for us, we’re very happy with it and don’t regret it one bit. In fact, we’ve already recommended it to another business, who adopted it and it works well for them too.”

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