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WILDIARIES is a travel company with a difference – we represent nature-based travel businesses. Our products are unique, innovative and built on principles of conservation that we share with operators.

This sector of travel, “the experience seeker” market is, according to Tourism Australia, worth $20 billion dollars to our economy.

Combined with our media production, Salesforce to manage leads and eNudge for our mailing list, is ideal for online bookings. It’s proving a real attribute to the success of our business.

“Rezdy is ideal for online bookings. It’s proving a real attribute to the success of our business.”

We combine media (specifically high quality film making and journalism) with travel because it’s the best way to inspire people to look in another direction – away from the maddening media circus of mainstream TV and away from run-of-the-mill travel products.

Success, however, depends not only on producing very high quality content, but engaging with our closest suppliers, maximising sales for them and carefully tracking bookings.

“Our product pages use the Rezdy API to embed product booking buttons and information about products directly into our specially-designed pages.”

Where traditional travel agents created magazines and brochures, we do it through branded content videos, stories and imagery distributed via email. We manage an email distribution list of more than 65,000 people and it’s a fine balance between showing people what’s on offer and allowing them to browse at their leisure. We spend a lot of time on personal communication with customers who engage with us but nevertheless, we need a strong call to action if we’re to survive commercially.

Rezdy has therefore become an integral part of our virtual shop-front.

“We love Rezdy because it is fully integrated. It allows us to embed a sleek and sophisticated booking system straight into our website. We can readily partner with agents and suppliers to manage commissions. In short, it’s just really simple to use.”

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