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Your Sydney Guide offers custom-tailored private tours in and around Sydney. All tour itineraries are designed with the luxury Sydney traveller in mind, and are very flexible to the customer’s needs.

As the Owner and Guide, Scott Ricketts wears many hats – business owner, guide, and marketing department. However, his main passion is delivering exceptional Sydney private tours to his guests.

That’s why before he launched the business, Scott wanted to make sure he had the right systems in place to service his customers as best as he could.

“Being an Owner-Operator means that I need to work efficiently, and I also need to make it easy for my guests to book securely online. I looked into the statistics and realised it was crucial for tour operators to have an online booking function.”

“I looked into the statistics and realised it was crucial for tour operators to have an online booking function.”
Booking software for private tours

In particular, he knew that he needed online booking software to help him run his private tour business.

“If I hadn’t decided to start off with an online booking system, it would have meant either very costly custom web development, or just using a contact form or similar, which was not how I wanted to start the business.”

Having worked extensively as both an adventure guide and IATG accredited Sydney Tour Guide over many years, Scott was familiar with his options when it came to choosing a system. He felt that Rezdy was the best option for him.

“I knew of Rezdy and the alternatives, and Rezdy was a clear choice to me. I really liked how specific Rezdy was for tour operators and they are working hard on constantly improving the software, as well as solving other industry problems like linking with agents and enabling new distribution channels. Plus the software is so easy to set up and use and looks amazing on my website and Facebook page.”

Scott immediately began implementing Rezdy so he could start running private tours in Sydney. He was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to set up.

“Rezdy is so easy to set up and implement with so many options for how to integrate it onto my website. I am not a web developer but I found it so easy to just paste the right code that the software generates into my bookings page and have all my tours right there ready to be booked.”
Booking software for private tours

By keeping Your Sydney Guide so organised, Rezdy frees up Scott’s time, allowing him to focus on servicing his customers.

“The calendar looks great and lets me see exactly what is happening as well as being able to add or edit tour details with simple mouse clicks. Also, I can easily view and print my trip manifest which covers all my legal requirements.”

In addition, Scott is able to easily boost his marketing with Rezdy.

“Using Rezdy’s promo code feature, I can instantly create unique codes that offer either one off offers or they be used across broader campaigns such as through AdWords or on Facebook.”

Rezdy also allows guests to easily book and pay for their custom-made itinerary.

“As a private tour operator, I can create a tailored itinerary with custom pricing without having to publish it online. I can then send a private link to my guest so that they can see the customised offer and then just click, book and pay securely. I have used this feature a lot on my Blue Mountains private tours and it is a great help.”

“As a private tour operator, I can create a tailored itinerary with custom pricing without having to publish it online.”
Booking software for private tours

With Rezdy, Your Sydney Guide is able to provide a consistently professional experience to their customers.

“Rezdy has certainly helped me as a young business to easily transact with my customers and has also ensured that I have a trustworthy brand and online presence.”

Scott is so happy with Rezdy that he would gladly recommend it to other private tour operators.

“The biggest reason I would recommend Rezdy is, quite simply, because it works! It does what it promises and delivers fantastic results.”

Scott has also enjoyed working with the team at Rezdy.

“Working with the team at Rezdy has been an extremely positive experience. I have not needed a lot of help but when I have I was supplied with fast and friendly responses.”

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